RChilli's Views on HR Technology: June'19

June 27, 2019 by Vinay Johar

Round up Post_June19Continuing with our monthly round-up series, get a complete overview of our blogs and articles written in this month.

You might want to know what we have published in June.


A Complete Guide to Resume Screening

Screening resumes is a challenging and time-consuming task for recruiters. Read this blog to know what challenges do recruiters face while selecting candidates. Also, find out how technology can help in shortlisting resumes. 

Made for Each Other: AI and Talent Acquisition

AI solves a complicated issue of unconscious bias in recruitment. Which tools can simplify the hiring process and help you in finding quality candidates? Read this blog to know how your recruitment process can deliver amazing results with the help of AI.

Top 4 Ways How Analytics Improve Recruitment

This blog talks about the role of big data and analytics in recruitment. How do analytics provide a clearer picture of candidates? Read this blog to know how analytics transform the face of recruitment. A must read for every HR Tech professional.


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Expert Opinion: HR Tech & ATS

We contacted leading ATS providers and asked them to express their views on how HR technology is impacting the performance of applicant tracking systems. Check out this article to read their opinions and see where the HR Tech industry is heading towards.

When Social Recruiting Tries to Replace Job Boards

Are job boards not delivering the right results? Are employers making a shift towards social recruiting? Read this article in which we have discussed the benefits of social recruiting and how job boards can take advantage of social recruiting. Click on the link to know more.

Harnessing the Power of HRTech Plugins in Talent Acquisition

Automation is the current trend these days. Recruitment is one area which needs to adopt automation and simplify its processes. Which are the best HR Tech plugins, which can streamline the recruitment process? This article talks about how these plugins can make the talent acquisition process more effective. 


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