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March 16, 2015 by dev

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Choosing the ideal recruitment software can sometimes seem ironic to recruitment companies, because by choosing recruitment software, they are somewhat “recruiting” the software as well. Needless to say, companies must know what to look for in recruitment software, and be familiar with the different ways the software is able to make their team’s lives easier. From the simplest task of organizing and storing CVs, to regular updating of job placements, and even running the recruitment company’s operations, the recruitment software must be able to cover all tasks smoothly. Here are some of the things your software must have or must be.

As a start, the recruitment software must act like the company’s very own “planner.” Like an ordinary planner, the software must be able to specifically remember tasks, details about them, and the critical dates involving them as well. Next, the recruitment software must be able to promote fast and efficient communication – among recruiters, across teams, and even towards client companies and yes, applicants. Also, the software must be able to integrate to the company’s website as easily as possible. Placing links for easy gathering, uploading and retrieving recruitment data is a major priority.

It would also be ideal if the recruitment software has remote access capabilities. That way, even when recruiters are not in their workstations, they are able to view and access the information stored in the program. Not all recruitment software programs have these features, so it is imperative to be mindful of these when selecting the ideal one.

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