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April 07, 2015 by Admin

Get The Best Through Semantic Search

Everybody wants to get the best. The chosen candidate is happy because he/she has got a job which perfectly fits his skills, competencies, and abilities. The hiring company is also happy as its job post is filled with a candidate who has the right credentials for the job. The HR agency/other HR department is nonetheless happy as well, seeing that both the candidate and the hiring company work well together. This is the ideal situation that is envisioned by all HR agencies and hiring companies. But how exactly does this happen?

CV Automation systems come into play, and the best one being RChilli. RChilli’s advanced and innovative CV automation solutions provide the gateway to easy, convenient, accurate, and fast matching through Semantic Search. The convention behind RChilli’s Semantic Search and Match is simple: hasten the hiring process by providing the closest match of candidate and employer according to skills, core competencies, and organizational values. Thus, recruiters do not need to look into each and every CV word per word. The system does that and other processes for them.

RChilli’s Semantic Search feature helps users reap the most benefits. The most obvious benefit is the time element. Only the best matching resumes are considered for the job, and with pre-screening done quickly, you can save more time for for the next steps in recruitment.

Funds are, in turn, saved as well. Recruiters no longer need to work long hours in order to fill in job positions. RChilli does the matching with one simple click. Again, this benefit reaps another benefit –more time for other income-generating activities. The cycle goes on and on, allowing the company to flourish even more.

Systematizing resume screening process is tricky with all the technical terms, words, and phrases used in each industry. From accounting to medicine to engineering, the terms vary. RChilli understands the complexity and simplifies this problem for the recruiters and hiring companies. Candidates with profiles that stand out are the ones who truly have what it takes to make a positive contribution to the hiring company.

Indeed, the happy situation above becomes the norm, more than the exception, thanks to RChilli’s Semantic Search feature. When everybody is happy, everybody achieves more.

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