Search & Match Engine 3.0 to Simplify Recruitment

by Snehil Sharma

Post COVID-19, our organization arranged a recruitment drive virtually. A week full of workload. But in that week, I realized that a perfect candidate often remains hidden because HR professionals aren’t searching for the correct keywords or job titles. 

I believe effective candidate sourcing is the brain of a successful recruitment process. 

Imagine what would happen if you can find the perfect candidate to fulfill your job specification with only one right keyword! Seems a daunting task, right? But I am sure with new technology advancement; there should be a way to simplify the process. 

At RChilli, we have amazing experience developing search & match engine 3.0 and wonderfully integrating it into our client recruitment process. 

Search & Match Engine to Simplify Recruitment

Let’s understand more in detail about this process. 

What is Search & Match Engine 3.0? 

Search & Match Engine allows you to search & match candidates and jobs with great flexibility. The matching technology helps recruiters choose the perfect candidate through synonym matches related to skills/competency, location, tools, education, domain, and job title. 

Search & Match Engine 3.0 works at a contextual and conceptual level that allows HR professionals to search for ‘meanings,’ rather than simple ‘word.’ 

Why Should HR/Recruiting Professionals Care about Search & Match Engine?

RChilli search & match engine is the most reliable way to find top talent by matching resumes with jobs. There is more information on the internet about the candidates today than ever, and the volume is only going to increase. 

RChilli’s Search & Match engine 3.0 helps you to quickly and easily cut through massive volumes of potential candidates’ details to help you find the perfect candidate faster than standard methods. 

Let’s jump in to know what’s unique about RChilli Search & Match Engine 3.0?  

1.  RChilli Search & Match Engine 3.0 provides four remarkable recommendations to its users, such as:

a). Resume to Jobs

It recommends job options to candidates

b). Resume to Resumes

It brings similar candidate recommendations matching a specific resume/ CV.

c). JD to JDs

It brings similar job recommendations matching a specific job position.

d). JD to Resumes

It brings more candidate recommendations for a job position.

2. Refine Your Search

With the help of ‘facets and filters,’ recruiters can easily find the perfect candidate for their job openings.

3. Custom Weightage/Scoring

RChilli’s Search & Match engine helps recruiters rank their search accordingly. 

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Amazing Benefits of RChilli’s Search & Match Engine 3.0  

1. Recruiters can save time up to 90% by considering the best matching resumes to do a quick screening process. This will save time for other priority tasks.

2. Enhance the searching capabilities of recruiters.

3. Easily find the best fit through job title, location, education, skill mapping, and domain.


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Search & Match Engine 3.0 can help recruiters to compare applicant profiles with job descriptions and rank them accordingly. This technology brings endless possibilities and great matching capabilities to recruiters. Now is the correct time to optimize your hiring process with RChilli Search & Match Engine. 


Semantics in recruitment are transforming the hiring landscape by enabling more precise and efficient matching of candidates to job roles. By leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and natural language processing, organizations can ensure a more accurate interpretation of job descriptions and candidate resumes, reducing bias and improving overall hiring outcomes.

As we refine and adapt these semantic technologies, the recruitment process will become increasingly streamlined, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and enhancing the candidate experience. Ultimately, the integration of semantics in recruitment enhances operational efficiency and contributes to building a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

If you want to save your time, money, and improvise your search quality, explore the power of RChilli Search & Match Engine 3.0. Contact us right now. 

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