Top 4 Ways How AI Enhances the Recruiting Funnel

February 27, 2019 by Vinay Johar

Untitled design (29)AI. Data. Automation.

These are the buzzing words in the recruitment industry. There is a complete transformation in the recruitment process with AI coming up with innovations every day. To find the right fit, recruiters should use the right tools and solutions to simplify recruitment. They identify the recruiting funnel to begin the process.

What is a Recruiting Funnel?

It is a structure created with well-framed steps to attract and hire the right people. I will be focusing on the top of this funnel which relates to talent acquisition.

Strategies to Improve Your Funnel

In every step of the recruiting funnel, you interact with candidates and engage them to identify and hire the right fit. Let’s talk about the steps which can fetch you the best quality of candidates.

1. Employer Branding

Candidates prefer to apply for a job at a company which has an excellent reputation. An applicant tracking system helps organizations in engaging candidates by setting up automated notifications for candidates. You can use templates and reports to make your on-boarding process effective. All these features promote a great candidate and employee experience and build the reputation of your brand.

2. Sourcing

The obvious choice for sourcing candidates is Job boards. Job boards are the most preferred source for both the recruiters and candidates when it comes to recruitment. They can make use of technology to simplify recruitment. Referrals are another way of getting the right fit. Empower your employees to refer candidates.

3. Candidate Experience

Filling up lengthy applications is annoying for the candidates. Candidates expect to visit a website, click on a job vacancy, upload a resume and submit the job application. But in reality, they upload their resume and are asked to fill in the same information in data fields. There are various methods to provide a positive candidate experience. Chatbots are one of them. They help in pre-screening candidates and answering their queries about the job profile.

4. Candidate Selection

Shortlisting candidates is a challenging task for recruiters. What will you do if you get thousands of resumes for a single job post? This is where a resume parser comes in. It extracts candidate information from resumes and saves them in data fields such as contact information, qualification, experience, education, etc. This will not only save the time of recruiters in shortlisting candidates but also help in getting quality candidates.

If we talk about technology, it influences every step of recruitment. A job board can become a valuable source if it uses an effective recruitment analytics solution. As it is a candidate-driven market, technology enhances the user experience at every stage by engaging candidates.

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