Top Job Board Insights for C-Suite in 2017!

February 15, 2017 by dev

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January is over, and February is rolling with full pace. In the beginning, like every other year, forecasts are made regarding the state of activities in the present year and what would be the overall impact of those activities on Job boards.

In Recruiting Industry, Job boards have not lost its sheen entirely, though they are struggling with the heat from other job search-modified networking portals. Job boards are still being considered the favorite primary places to find and apply for good jobs. The ones who are making the Job boards count in Recruitment Industry are the industry veterans like Dice, CareerBuilder, Indeed, etc.

We lately got time to revisit their insights page that speaks a lot about upcoming changes, trends, and drivers in the job board Industry. Let’s try to leverage and capitalize their insights in our day-to- day strategies for Job boards.

DICE- Human Capital Management Now Affected by New Tools

New tools here include mobile app based solutions on cloud technologies which are being used by the companies to streamline operations and optimize HR. With the coming of these tools, the perspective has shifted from managing employees to predict key business changes. Companies need data today to finish off projects on time which will be made available by these new tools. A big plus here is moving of management of applications on-premise to vendor organization. Now, they have to worry less about the working of application but more on effects on HR. People who have voiced their vote in favor of these tools are Paul Yaros (VP-Changepoint’s Global Professional Services Division), Jen Ryan (Director at Mavens).

As our workforce is multigenerational now, we must keep unique values of employees in mind when sharing insights gained through HCM technologies. Moreover, these tools bringing the flexibility of working from anywhere, accessing data as-of- when required and making changes on the go. These new tools truly possess the powers of automating entire hiring cycle and bringing back power to employees.

CAREERBUILDER- HR Technology trends in 2017 for C- Suite

Well, we have the internet full of forecasts, predictions, and trends. So what’s the big deal about this one? Hey, wait! Trends are usually for a general audience like HR in this case, but the trends that CareerBuilder (CB) has mustered up are from the perspective of a C-suite and prepared by CHRO and CTO at CareerBuilder. So, treat this information as first-rate, authentic and most relevant to your Recruitment business. Let’s have a look at their five trends:

  1. User experience is moving towards consumer experience for the hiring manager, candidates, and Recruiters to ensure seamless talent acquisition process.
  2. Gathering and Analyzing correct data points not any data. Need a shift of focus from big data to rich data and paying attention to metrics that matter.
  3. Hybrid HR structure is to be built facilitating better partnerships between HR business partners, talent acquisitions teams and business units they support.
  4. Our favorite is personalizing automated technologies. Give humane touch to your hiring processes and think recruiting like a marketing activity where each advancement takes you to the right fit.
  5. Lastly, adopting flexible working models to attract, train, retain and leverage most distracted workforce of today which can only be possible by providing them what they need before they ask for it.

INDEED- What matters to Modern Candidates?

The fastest growing job aggregator in the world offers its insights on what matters to the modern candidate via their Talent Attraction Study but before that let’s have a look at the stats.

TA study

The most interesting part first; research reveals the job search never ends and the modern workforce actively seeks opportunity, compensation does matter, but other factors also play a role in a candidate’s decision. People have higher salary expectations when contacted by a recruiter, and Employers are aware of this constant job search.

Finding skilled talent has become a big challenge, and every upcoming Recruitment business is running after it like a mad dog but what keeps the real talent engaged is of greater importance today. Hiring companies should know what keep these qualified candidates busy and lure them to job offers. The right way of targeting them can be treating them as a consumer and showing preferable jobs as per their best-suited interests, and skills. Today applicants expect employers to show them the reality of working at their workplace even before being inducted in the first place. It is equally important for both employees and candidates to choose the right avenues else a lot of time would get drained in just correcting the wrong outcomes. Let’s do it right, the very first time and keep the Job board business soaring.

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