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Where is Social Recruiting going now?


Social Recruiting is not going to be easy in coming days. Well, you can read columns like top 10, biggest 7, do’s and don’ts blogs easily on net about social recruiting, but rarely any post tells you about the right mix to be adopted in your hiring strategy.

This post clears the air for those who are wandering into the wild about social recruiting and don’t have any clue where this would take them in their hiring goals. Let us first crack the code.

The goal of any social media strategy is to increase awareness and visibility, but that’s not only limited to few posts an hourly basis, anecdotal quotes, hash tags, contests, news about openings but how deliberately and conscientiously you put your brand amongst the candidates.

The tinge of candidate experience can do wonders for you in social recruiting. The information received via social can greatly influence the number of applications (and quality) received by you. Your opinion about the candidate changes when you read about them on social media and so as their suitability about a particular profile.

Social media helps the recruiter to walk through the contours of a candidate profile, received. Recruiters are convinced the same way online customers are; it’s just the right information should come to their hindsight. Applicants have turned into consumers now, and we should know more about them, beyond their CV’s.

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RChilli has built their product Social Analytics to enhance the Recruiters experience with candidates on the social level. With new-found information scrapped online along with parsing results, it is easier for hiring managers to market their roles to job seekers.

The small tidbits you find on social help you engage the candidates and build a connect which in long turn pays you apart from keeping regular communication with them. Isn’t it such a wonderful thing to do for them? Definitely!

Deloitte, L’Oreal, Nestle and many other top brands uses the power of Social in Hiring. Seeing their use cases, RChilli is vigorously working to extract the maximum for existing recruiting software with the influx of social media information. To know more about successful companies recruiting socially, read the thread on Quora.

The best thing about RChilli’s Social Analytics is; it helps you stay relevant. It helps you nurture applicants in the forward direction and stay in their mind for a longer period. Millennial being the most prone category to job-change can easily be taken care of, using the feature Social Analytic.

You can easily create a list of passive candidates with Social Analytic for future roles and hire them when the right time comes. The information scoured online comes decisive at this point of time, fetched while parsing resumes.

We believe our systems should be an integral part of Recruiting Software rather not to be an enabler for disjointed, loose and unfocused hiring game. We take hiring as a serious business for our clients and love returning value for what they pay us. Our testimonials speak louder than words, why global companies or recruiting software maker chooses us to be a part of their Recruitment solutions.

By not using the information available on social you might loose on top talent and create your talent shortage when finally the need arises. RChilli’s tools don’t just make you excited about them but believe in returning value instead. Interestingly, Social Analytics is one among the top 10 social tools, you should be using right now to oomph up the Social Recruiting game.

The expert of Social Recruiting, Tony Restell, agrees Social Media be immensely important in giving long term advantage to the Recruiters. No player in Recruiting software business today has taken the risk of leaving social media behind in their strategy.

RChilli knowing this fact has made Social Analytic compatible with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), Job boards, Staffing Software, Recruitment Agencies, Firms and Top HR Enterprise software. By fetching the extra information, all these businesses can make candidate profiles of additional value while attracting them for clients.

Social Analytic gets the most relevant and enticing information on your dashboard so that you can find the right jobs for your jobseekers. Thus increasing your productivity, sourcing capabilities and tracking social media behavior through analytics.

Your search for forward thinking social savvy hiring software ends here. Come and leverage the world of Social Media in your Hiring strategy, software and process. To claim your free trial click here or send us the request at team@rchilli.com.