CV automation for large Enterprises

Large Enterprises

RChilli adds value to existing Recruitment System specifically resume sorting and searching process to ensure faster and better decision making. RChilli can automate complete resume reading and storing process via CV Automation.

Use Case
Enterprises receive resumes via Web Career portal, On Job Emails ID, Buy from Job Boards, Buy from Consultants, or internal referrals.

  • All Resumes are collected at Executive desktop / emails ID and read manually.
  • As resumes are stored in database, the search is limited only to keywords not advance search like
    last company, expected CTC etc.
  • Ration of applications received directly vs Resume bought is much less. And organization pays
    money to consultants.
  • Cost of per hire is much high and no control on this. Lot of resumes goes unopened / unread.

We automate candidate resume insertion to database and link email ID, web forms and back end uploads.

  • RChilli Cloud Web API will integrate seamlessly with your application and convert any Resume document to HR XML structure.
  • This HRXML structure, will be used either to display on web page, or store into database.
  • You get a database updated with latest resume entry and without any manual intervention by HR Executive or IT team.
  • Candidate can apply can auto fill form using RChilli and shorten submission time up to 10 seconds .
  • Automate complete data entry of Resumes straight to your database, and get all updated every morning you start.


  • Cloud based model where you use our service and pay either a fixed fee per annual or pay as per your use.
  • Use our Hybrid offer, where you can install RChilli API in your data center and pay us monthly/yearly.
  • Your program will connect to our Cloud API. This is one time effort to integrate as a back end application.
  • Your current application needs to call our web services via SOAP, where resume file is sent along with other parameters.
  • In the response envelop of SOAP, we will send back XML which can be used for display or storing
    directly into database. (Please contact us at support@rchilli.comto see the demo of XML).