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10 Genius Things You Don’t Know About Rchilli Resume Parser.

Rchilli Resume Parser

- Resume parsing automatically makes CV information into a searchable record.

- Resume parser can parse more resumes with better efficiency than team of 100 recruiters.

- Resume parser gets you more applicants, eliminates manual data entry completely with faster form fills.  Thus, you can easily build your Talent Pool.

- RChilli’s resume parser integrates with all existing HR software.

- It captures information from social media profile into a structured format. Apply from mobile and get better results.

- CV parsing can directly be integrated into your career page, career website or jobboard, ensuring high conversion rates.

- Direct integration with your existing recruitment workflow to automatically process incoming CVs.

- Job parser can be used for categorizing and structuring jobs and makes them searchable on system.

- Saves time and money which can be invested elsewhere. Recruit faster, better and with ease.

- Used by leading recruitment businesses, companies and vendors worldwide.