Age Diversity in Your Workforce: Who Gets the Spotlight?

April 28, 2020 by Navjot Kaur

the_growing_influence_of_millennials_and_gen_z_and_their_impact_on_customer_support_5dd68dcc6f361It is a fact that the companies now realize the value of having a multi-generational workforce. Recruiters and HR professionals are putting in efforts to bring all the generations together under one roof so that their capabilities can bring desired results. 

But who gets the spotlight among all these generations? It is Generation Z.

Those who are born between 1997-2012 are called Gen Zers. They are the ones who get ample access to technology. They are clear on what they want and look for jobs in organizations that offer amazing benefits.

Let’s find out how you can attract Gen Z and make them a part of your workforce.

  • Technology for Tech-savvy Gen Zers

Gen Z is using online tools, smartphones, and other technologies. For them, experience matters. Thus, you must focus on delivering a perfect candidate experience. Apart from a mobile-optimized ATS, use a resume parser that can shorten the job application process. The candidates can apply for jobs by uploading their resumes. And the parser will handle the rest of the process i.e it will automatically fill in the data fields by extracting candidate data from resumes.

  • Offer Trainings

36% Gen Zers expect investment in employee training and prioritize it – the highest among other generations

Gen Z gives a lot of importance to improve their skills. Make sure that as an organization, you offer them paid trainings so that they can invest their time in learning new skills. These are one of the few perks every Gen Z candidate expects from the organization. The other perks are flexible working hours, game rooms, etc.

  • Explore Social Media

Social media is where Gen Z resides. And it is the best platform to get hold of them. Showcase your employer brand by creating your company pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also post your job descriptions on these social channels to grab the attention of the right candidate.

43% of Gen Z employees say that a company’s mission, purpose, and values play a huge role in determining how long they’ll stay in a given position

Adding Gen Z in your workforce is becoming a priority. By using the right technology and strategy, you can choose the perfect candidate.

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