10 Things to know about Applicant Tracking System

April 02, 2021 by Jigna B

Do you know anything about the applicant tracking system?

And, if you desire to know each detail of ATS as a candidate or client, you should check out this blog.

We can say that the applicant tracking system brought the digital revolution in the process of hiring. Modern ATS can manage and operate each aspect of the recruiting and hiring approach. And, being a reason, the software is gaining popularity year by year.

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Below are 10 things that will help you know the applicant tracking system entirely within a few minutes. Let’s start counting. 

#1: Applicant Tracking System Also Known As

The applicant tracking system has many synonyms; here, we listed a few:

    • Candidate tracking system

    • Applicant tracking software

    • Resume screening system

    • Resume sorting system

    • Talent management software

    • Recruitment agency software

#2: What is the Applicant Tracking System?

The applicant tracking system is the hiring and recruiting software that helps the human resource department automate hiring by instantly parsing resumes from different platforms and removing the duplication while parsing.

Excluding the feature of resume parse, there are far more features available that permit recruiters and hiring managers to eliminate manual tasks and save their time.

#3: Why Employers Use the Applicant Tracking System?

For a single job opening, the employer gets a thousand resumes, and finding the most suitable candidates’ resumes is a hassle. 

The applicant tracking system keeps all the resumes at a single spot which facilitates recruiters to stay systematic. Moreover, recruiters can directly import the candidate into the system from any online site by using the chrome extension of the system. Thus, ATS can effortlessly parse the resume from any location.

All collected resumes pool can be narrowed down by ATS that give a direct path to the top talent by providing the matching score of the candidates.

Everything for an employer is sorted, with no complexity, no confusion, and faster operation with high accuracy.

#4: Applicant Tracking System is All-Around

As we stated before, the applicant tracking system is in the public eye and is increasingly popular these days. 

Almost every major corporation takes advantage of the applicant tracking system to streamline the employment process. 

According to Capterra, 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals use a recruiting or applicant tracking system, whereas 94% of recruiters say their ATS or recruiting software has positively impacted their hiring process.

Nowadays, a heap of applicant tracking systems is obtainable in the market. And, each ATS software has its functionality, features, and components. Here is a quick list of the best applicant tracking systems.

#5: How Does Applicant Tracking System Software Works?

Before implementing an applicant tracking system for your hiring process, you need to understand its workflow. Here are several tasks that any ats software can perform.

  • Published the job on different job boards and social media

  • Knockout screening question to collect meaningful applications

  • Receive all the resumes into the system

  • Import the resume from the various online platform

  • Parse the resume into the system

  • Create a talent pool as per the requirement

  • Automate score to the candidates for the matching job

  • Assign jobs to the candidates

  • Interview scheduling and automated email to the candidates

  • Send offer letter with all detail

  • And the last can perform the onboarding process.

Above are the whole process of recruitment that applicant tracking software undertake. Each step you can perform via ATS.

#6: Feature List of Applicant Tracking Software

The feature of ATS is something that crafts it as a different system from others. But every applicant tracking system always has some common feature, and we will list those familiar elements.

  • Import:- To bring the candidates into the system from anywhere.

  • Export:- To transfer all the candidates’ data from ATS to another system

  • Searching:- Immediately reach the candidates whom you seek.

  • Customizable page:- Users can change the view and workflow of the pages according to their hiring methodology.

  • Job boards:- Get free and paid job boards for advertising your job over there.

  • Career page:- Get integration with your website career page.

  • Add candidates and jobs:- Users can add candidates and jobs manually too.

  • Talent pool:- Maintain the bulk of candidates according to the various criteria.

  • Interview scheduling:- Schedule the interview instantly by sending automated mail to the candidates.

  • Calendar:- Calendar integration to keep you updated about your hiring task.

Above are some general features of ATS. 

#7: Does Resume Formatting Matter When it Comes to ATS?

While uploading the resume, candidates should always keep in mind that the recruiter is not the one who is going to read your whole resume. He is just a mediator who will hand off the resume to the employer. 

Create a resume in a manner that is uniform and searchable for the recruiters. Earlier, the ATS resume parsing software was not completely intelligent, consequently losing information from the resume. But, the modern ATS developed how they seek the resume with vital keywords and tags, then shortlist the candidates.

#8: How will the Applicant Tracking System Help You to Find Out the Right Talent?

The applicant tracking system software helps you to discover the right talent in a variety of ways. For instance, fetch the candidates from the database through a different search such as boolean search, proximity search, fuzzy search, keyword search, and far more. Another way is the candidate matching score for the job, which handily informs the employer whether a candidate is the right choice or not.

#9: Benefits Using Applicant Tracking System Software

The employment industry is broadly using the applicant tracking system, and the count is continuously multiplying. And, this is due to its long-lasting benefits. Here are a few advantages that users hold.

  • Improve the quality of hire 

  • Reduce the time per hire

  • Reduce the cost per hire

  • Better and faster application screening

  • Accelerate the hiring cycle

  • Enhance the employer branding

  • Real-time hiring insight

Above are the few and significant benefits entitled to the user after implementing the applicant tracking system.

#10: How Much Does an Applicant Tracking System Cost?

The applicant tracking system’s price depends on the organization’s size, the location of your organization, and the total number of users. But still, most of the organizations and businesses are selecting subscription-based online recruitment software, and that cost varies as per the vendor. 

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