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What is Resume Parsing? How does CV/Resume Parser Work?

What is resume parsing?

Resume parsing is a process which converts an unstructured form of resume data into the structured format. Resume parser, also termed as CV parser, is a program that analyses a resume/CV data and extracts into machine-readable output such as XML, JSON. With the help of resume parsing software, it becomes easy to store and analyze resume data automatically.


Here is a typical scenario of most organizations, sounds familiar?

I am an HR Manager of a large company. On average I receive sixty resumes per day. Multiplying that by 365 days, that’s 21,900 resumes per year!!

I used to manage these resumes in filing cabinets. Needless to say, this was an inefficient system. Whenever my company was looking to hire someone, I had to sort through stacks of resumes by hand. Another problem was that these resumes would quickly become out of date. One day I was talking to a friend and he suggested I try Resume parser.

I was wondering what is a Resume Parser? and got to know that it eliminated manual data entry by extracting candidate’s information intelligently and saving it in pre-designed fields.

I took a demo with one of leading resume parsing software provider and after giving me a visual demo, they gave me a trial account. I could not believe how much easier a parser could make my life.

Let me explain to you what a CV/Resume Parser exactly is?

[1] A resume parser is a compiler or interpreter that converts the unstructured form into structured form.

[2] It is a component that automatically segregates the information into various fields and parameters like name, qualification, experience to quickly help you identify the most relevant resumes based on your criteria.

[3] A parser takes input in the form of a sequence of program instructions and tends to build a data structure; a "parse tree," or an abstract syntax tree.

I had used Rchilli's Resume Parser and this is how it drastically transformed our hiring process.

We found few of characteristics of a good CV/resume parser:

  • Can parse resume of all formats, be it PDF, doc, docx, HTML, RTF
  • Can be easily integrated with your existing software
  • Has a detailed library of taxonomies to identify candidate skills
  • Automatically identifies region and language and parse information accordingly

My team didn't have to spend time skimming through the resume. The required information was retrieved at a single click. For Example, our hiring team was searching for a 'Marketing Manager' who had MBA with 2 years of experience. The resume parsing made it possible to simply click on the qualification and experience tab of the parser rather than going through the entire CV.

Not only this, it allowed us to:

  • Fetch resumes in bulk either from your database or desktop
  • Find relevant matches with the help of Semantic Search
  • Create a valuable database with qualitative data
  • Save time on manual interventions
  • Improve your ROI from increased conversion rate

We were saved from the hassle of converting the documents as the parser reads .DOC, .RTF, .DOCX, .ODT, .DOT, .PDF, .HTM, .HTML, .MHT file formats.

Here are some screenshots that better explain what resume parser exactly does:

                      1. Upload the resume from a desktop or folder     

resume parsing software to find best fit                                

                      2. Parse it.

Resume parsing- recruiters best friend

                       3. RChilli API extracts that document into 80+ fields. You just need to click on the required tab to get the desired results.

resume parser

Resume parsing technology

Parse resumes quickly & effortlessely

Resume parsing software

And many more…….

              4. RChilli’s resume parser stores info in your cloud database or displays JSON for the user interface

What is resume parser software

                 5. This can be sold as the add-on to existing recruitment solution

This way, save a lot of time on manual transactions of each job application and CV's received. Must say RChilli’s friendly 24/7 available customer service makes the user experience all the more better.


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  ATS, staffing agencies, Job board, career sites, enterprises and many more usually work with resume parsing software to automate the CV/Resume database. To know more stay tuned with Rchilli's Blog.