Employee Engagement For Workforce Sustainability

June 13, 2021 by Snehil Sharma

Creating a Sustainable Workplace Culture

Engaging and educating employees is essential to build a sustainable culture in the workplace. Providing proper sustainability training, creating a sense of accountability, leading by example, and using technology can all play a role in achieving sustainability goals. How can your organization implement these steps to create a more sustainable workplace culture?

Last week, I reviewed an old article written by Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever. He has described eight ways to engage employees to create a sustainable business.

In this article, he has adopted the slogan 'small actions can make a big difference.' His organization truly puts this into practice. The organization actively encourages employees to behave sustainably in the workplace.

His article states that employee engagement is essential in transforming your organization's sustainability goals into reality. 

Let's see how we can engage and educate our employees to build a sustainable culture in our workplace. 

  1. Information

From an employee's perspective, sustainability initiatives focus more on salaries or profit margins. It is essential to provide proper sustainability training to create a feeling of individual responsibility for employees. Such education sessions should evaluate the organization's long-term purpose and align them with your employees' goals. Through these sessions, employees will begin to think about sustainability as more than just "doing well" but also "doing perfectly." 

  1. Engaging

After educating your employees, you'll need to create a sense of accountability for the new initiatives that will be implemented. It is very easy to update your sustainability goals on your website, but making changes on the ground level can be difficult. Recognize teams and colleagues and reward them with positive change. For example, a small present like a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, etc., could also help you start your effort. Start celebrating the team's success when they reach their goals. This will help your employees keep their visibility high and bring healthy competition. 

  1. Lead by Example

Leaders' actions speak louder than words when it comes to sustainability. This plays a vital role in reaffirming organizational values to employees.  Sometimes stakeholders also get involved in sustainability initiatives. 

  1. Technology

Technology comes to the rescue of your employees, especially recruiters, by cutting down the tedious, lengthy task of sorting out resumes. With advanced technology like resume parser software, knowing more about a candidate becomes easy. A parser helps recruiters extract and save data from candidates' resumes in data fields. Manual processing of resumes consumes much time for recruiters. These advanced technologies will allow them to reduce their workloads.  

So what are you waiting for? Begin a discussion within your organization about how you can implement these steps. 

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