The 5 A’s to Drive Employee Engagement in Your Organization

August 18, 2020 by Jessica

An engaged workforce refers to a highly productive, enthusiastic, and dedicated workforce. It has all the qualities you wish for as an employer. In fact, it is the actual route to take your organization to the heights of success.

Organizations with an engaged workforce experience 21% higher profitability.

So, it is always fruitful for you to look for ways to drive a higher percentage of employee engagement in your organization.

I will discuss the 5 A’s with the implication of having a higher employee engagement in your organization. Believe me; these 5 A's will conclude your search for ways to establish employee engagement.


The 5 A’s for employee engagement


5 A’s for employee engagement (2)


1. Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback from your employees is as important as it is for you to give them your feedback. This is because when you ask for feedback, you give your employees the impression that they matter a lot. Also, by doing this, you display positivity, that you care for their needs. Adding on, this shows your concern in case they are facing any problems. This is a certain way that instills in them a feeling of being valuable. 

Further, by valuing your employees’ efforts, you automatically upgrade their engagement level with your company. So, you need to ask for feedback from your employees at regular intervals. You can do so through face to face interactions or by sending feedback forms or emails.


2. Assure Employee Well-being

Now, if you wish to engage your employees positively, you have to pave your way to their hearts. For this, you have to help them connect with you and your organization at an emotional level. The first step is to assure your employees’ well-being. This is because nothing makes them feel as valued as your care for them. So, you should always work on assuring your employees’ well-being.

Given below are three simple ways to do so:

  • Organize employee wellness programs

  • Conduct recreational activities

  • Cultivate friendship among your employees


3. Acknowledge Your Employees’ Efforts

You would surely agree to this that a few words of appreciation have the potential to light up our hearts. When we receive praise, we feel a deep sense of inner joy. As a result, we become determined to perform better than we did. The same goes for our employees. This implies that by acknowledging your employees’ efforts, you can make them feel happy. Along with this, your appreciation can motivate them to perform better consistently. Further, the determination to improve work performance is itself a trait of engaged employees. Thus, in order to establish high employee engagement in your organization, you should acknowledge your employees’ efforts.


4. Autonomous Working

Freedom to work in our own ways is one of the dearest wishes we dream of. If this wish gets fulfilled, we bubble up with joy. But, if we feel that someone excessively controls us, our happiness dies out. We feel irritated and cannot give our best performance. The same is applicable to employees. Thus, if you give your employees the freedom to work in their own way, they feel happy and work productively. 

However, if you micromanage them, they feel irritated and bonded. As a result, they do not work with complete engrossment and remain disengaged. So, you need to allow autonomous working in your organization. This implies that you should only assign your employees with work, but should not try to make them work in your way. If they are completing their work targets well, just let them work whichever way they find comfortable.


5. Award Benefits

“Do good, have good”. This popular saying forms the basis of what we are discussing here. If you do good for your employees, they do the same for you. So, you must think of methods to make your employees feel happy, valued, and cared for. One of the perfect methods to do so is to award them with benefits. This includes paid time off, retirement benefits, and healthcare benefits. These are some examples of benefits that you can award to your employees.


To conclude, employee engagement is vital for your organization’s success. You can accomplish it well with the help of the 5 A’s described above.


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