Your ATS Might Be Lagging Behind; Here is Why?

by Snehil Sharma

We all agree that the applicant tracking system (ATS) has been a popular tool in the HR industry and is used by approx. 90% of organizations globally. The recruitment process is becoming more complex with the influx of talent that is pooling in. Sometimes, ATS overlooks this complexity, as it lacks inefficient judgment and cannot make impactful choices. 

Benefits of search & match to candidates (800 x 450 px)

ATS is a good friend of recruiters as it helps them in automating their hiring process. And adding a resume parser in an ATS will bring out remarkable results for recruiters. 

With all these benefits, some situations appear when things don't turn in your favor. Let's talk about how RChilli can help recruiters in this.

  1. Provide Candidate Recommendations

    ATS is a bucket full of benefits that runs with a predefined mechanism installed. But sometimes, the rigidity of the system fails to match keywords and phrases in several resumes of applicants. What if the selected candidate doesn't show up? Will you go through the entire hiring process? I don't think so. To avoid this situation, RChilli Search & Match provides:
    a). Job to Resumes: It brings more applicants or candidates’ recommendations for jobs.

    b). Resume to Resumes: It brings similar candidates' recommendations matching a specific CV/resume.

    This will help recruiters with a quick candidate recommendation. Recruiters do not have to search for candidates again, which will save their time and help them in closing jobs quickly. 
  2. Provide Amazing Candidate Experience

    Major put-offs for applicants are complicated login pages, lengthy application forms, and messy interfaces. Websites with these elements tend to have many candidates leaving them without applying. But a resume parser on their website's application page will facilitate a quick submission of the form. Candidates can upload their resumes, and the fields get populated automatically. This will improve their user experience.
  3. Provide Positive Recruiter Experience

    A resume parser extracts applicants’ data from resumes and saves the data in multiple fields like contact details, education, qualifications, skills, etc. It facilitates automatic resume data entry time and shortens resume data update time. As a result, recruiters’ productivity will increase.    

In conclusion, while an ATS is an essential tool for recruiters, its limitations can sometimes hinder the recruitment process. By integrating RChilli’s resume parser, recruiters can significantly enhance their ATS’s functionality. The ability to provide quick candidate recommendations, improve candidate experience with simplified application processes, and boost recruiter productivity with automatic data entry are just a few of the benefits. Utilizing these advanced features ensures that your ATS remains a powerful asset, enabling you to streamline your hiring process and achieve better outcomes. Curious to know more about how the RChilli resume parser can enhance your ATS? Dive deeper into its capabilities and transform your recruitment strategy today.

Curious to know more about how the RChilli resume parser can enhance the functionality of your ATS?  

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