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Your ATS Might Be Lagging Behind; Here Is Why?

Even though it hurts sharing this, here are few blog titles related to ATS, the internet is flooded with:

Is Your ATS System Weeding Out Qualified Candidates?

Applicant Tracking Systems and How to get noticed.

Have Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Ruined Recruiting, Hiring, and Job Search?

How To Use Keywords To Get Your Industry Resumes Past Applicant Tracking System Software

How to get past an ATS

How Can I Make Sure My Resume Gets Past Resume Robots and into a Human's Hand?

Reading these articles that list reasons of not using the system you are working so hard to develop and sell, is surely frustrating.Flawed Applicant Tracking Systems are being called a bane than a boon.

There are multiple challenges for the ATS firms but as these titles mentioned above highlight, the biggest reason people are skeptical of using ATS today, is the inability of their Parser to fetch and match keywords.

Well, according to the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, talent acquisition is the third trend companies are focusing on in 2017.

Deloitte TA study 2017This is definitely good news for expanding the business opportunities for all talent acquisition firms and definitely for ATS companies but here’s another insight of this report:

Deloitte insights on ATS

ATS are now considered traditional talent acquisition technology for Recruiters.It goes without saying that, all in the Talent Acquisition world are exploring and adopting the latest trends and techniques.

Mobile Recruiting, Social and predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data are paramount for ATS today.But is it not important to evaluate your current technology?

Coming to the current technology, let's resume to talk about the software that parses the Resume.

Resume Parser being one of the key assets that begin the acquisition process and affects both the candidates and the employer, has a tremendous impact on the entire recruitment process.

Even universities all over the world have initiated to guide their students on how to create their Resume in a way that can be read by the ATS. This clearly shows how ATS are frightening the candidates and making hiring inefficient by simply ignoring the candidates who do not use the keywords fed in the ATS.

Is it not injustice for the most eligible candidates to be ranked low by the ATS, just because the keywords and phrases they used in their Resume/CV couldn’t be fetched by the parser you are using?

And is your ATS really helping your clients hire the best candidates?

Or as Josh Bersin stated, they are just being used to make the life of recruiters easy without considering the harms it's causing to the entire hiring process. The need of the hour is to verify if your ATS is using a parser that finds the most eligible candidate for the job. Here are few things you need to check whether your Parser has today or not:

Fuzzy logic(Semantic Search), Boolean Search, Natural Language Search, Root Word Search, Large Search fields, Field Based Search, Passive Resume Updation, Reading PDF files, Keyword Based Parser, Grammar Based Parser, Statistical Parser,Bulk Import,JD Parser,Email Inbox.

Social and Predictive Analytics are another important solution being provided by Parser Companies that’s helping recruiters make the best of the Millennials by extracting information from their social profiles.

A well developed, highly efficient software with the maximum services is what everyone aims at.

We are all here working to make recruiting better, simple and smart.

You’ve already developed a system that stands equal/better to others in the market, but what if you fail to notice and implement an efficient software that impacts your entire progress and market standing?

Won’t it be like two people going to the bottom of a river, one falling and the other diving?

It is for you to decide, you wish to fall or dive!

Review those who continue to successfully DIVE deeper; we are sure you cannot agree with us more.