How Candidate Experience & Automated Recruitment Connect in Oracle HCM

by Aanchal Sharma

The present-day recruitment industry is candidate-driven. For any talent acquisition professional hoping to enhance the recruitment process, automation has become an imperative part. RChilli resume parser in Oracle recruiting eases the job application process, automates the resume screening process, and reduces the candidate selection time, helping recruiters streamline hiring approach to enhance candidate experience.

How RChilli Parser Automate for Positive CX in Oracle HCM 

“Experience Economy” is the term driving the world, and it’s time to take it seriously, especially when recruitment is involved. Be it enhancing candidate experience, recruiter experience, or  employee experience, establishing a positive experience from the very beginning is taking the center stage.

Many recruiters, staying in sync with the current competitive nature of the industry, consider a candidate’s experience to be equally important as a candidate. This is why companies invest in recruitment automation tools to streamline their hiring practices.

However, many still overlook candidate experience and resort to the conventional hiring approach that wastes their time and affects the hiring quality.

For those who are still trapped in age-old hiring practices and those who are giving automation a thought, here’s a write-up that can help you make a better decision.

Is Candidate Experience and Recruitment Automation Connected?

Imagine two scenarios: first, a talented candidate visits your website to apply for the advertised position but leaves mid-way or has an overall poor experience. 

Result: They’ll avoid recommending your company and might share the bad experience with other prospective candidates.

Secondly, even if they don’t share their experience, they’ll still compare your company’s negative impression when applying for other job opportunities. 

Result: This means you’ve etched a negative brand image.

With either of these two scenarios, the outcome is the same. The candidate will leave thinking their time isn’t valued and are treated like numbers on the spreadsheets to meet a recruiter’s target. Alongside, you’d miss out on some of the most potential candidates who could be an ideal fit for the job.

Candidate Experience can be the most important aspect of your KPIs (key performance indicators). It can be an essential way to realize how well your company can attract and retain talented candidates

The good news is that there are automation tools that can effectively automate recruitment approaches and improve candidate experience. This they do by saving both time and money, streamlining repetitive tasks, and creating personalized workflows depending on the position hiring needs to be done.    

So, Why Should You Automate Recruitment?

We now know that candidate experience is important. Let’s discuss more on automating recruitment and why you should prefer it to hire better and faster.

Whether closing one position or many, automating the recruitment approach can improve the candidate experience, build your brand presence, and get talented candidates onboard with little effort.

The recruitment automation tools are engineered to help hiring managers to enhance their hiring practices. These tools automate the exhaustive manual tasks like screening the candidate resumes so that you get to hire the best-in-class candidates without any error in judgment.

How RChilli Resume Parser in Oracle HCM Automate Recruitment Process To Enhance Candidate Experience?

How RChilli Parser Automate for Positive CX in Oracle HCM

In today's competitive job market, enhancing the candidate experience during recruitment is paramount. Leveraging advanced technologies like the RChilli Resume Parser in Oracle HCM can streamline recruitment and improve the overall candidate experience. 

  • Ease of Job Application Process

Let’s begin with the first step of building positive candidate experience and recruitment process- job application. Usually, a website’s career page asks a candidate to upload a resume and then asks for details like education qualifications, certifications, experience with each company, etc.

Did you know that, on average, nearly 60% of candidates stop filing an application midway because of the length or complexity? 

The applicant drop-off rate increases if there are a dozen fields required to be filled.

RChilli resume parser in Oracle HCM 

  • enables the candidates to upload their resumes in a click without having to fill in the details repeatedly and apply to a job in less than ten seconds

  • The parser automatically fetches the fields from the resumes and stores the information in the database. 

  • Hence, a candidate saves precious time and believes the company values their time, leaving the website with a positive experience.   

  • An Increased Hiring Productivity

The companies that invest in candidate experience have witnessed a 70% improvement in their average hiring quality and saved hundreds of dollars that they earlier squandered on bad hires.

RChilli’s resume parser 

  • Lets you quickly identify the candidates who fit your job descriptions and requirements perfectly. 

  • The algorithms used in the software identify the skills, experience, and other vital parameters that match your company’s requirements.

  • This helps you discover the candidates faster within hours of receiving resumes and reach out to them before your competitor does. 

  • Unbiased Hiring

Many companies’ recruitment approaches are plagued by unconscious bias simply because they don’t have objective data. Gender, age, color, race, name, and beauty are common biases that sabotage any recruitment process, no matter the company’s size.

RChilli resume parser for Oracle recruitment 

  • Erases the element of bias by encouraging objective-based hiring. 

  • The software accurately parse candidate data regardless of the gender, age, or race of the candidate.

  • The parser enhances workforce diversity by facilitating a standardized resume-screening process. 

How does it affect candidate experience? Well, think about the skilled talent pool you’ll be building and the image you’ll graft among the candidates who’ll apply, knowing they’ll be selected based on their caliber rather than recruiter preference.  

  • Automated Or Faster Resume Screening

80% of candidates claim not to consider other relevant job positions if a company fails to timely notify them after their first application.

Manual resume screening can be touted as one of the significant reasons behind a negative candidate experience. A talented candidate isn’t short of job offers, and reaching out to them before a competitor is also one of the recruiter's biggest challenges.

Manually screening the resumes can take hours of sifting, scrolling, and sorting according to the selection criteria set by the top management. The agonizing process can thus take days without any assurance that the process has been error-free.

Automating the resume screening process, 

  • Can complete the job in a few seconds and with accurately parsed candidate data.

  • Engineered to enhance the recruitment process, the recruiter must select the data fields, upload bulk resumes at once, wait a few seconds for the parsed data, and call back candidates for the next round.

The shorter the call-back time, the better the brand value and, eventually, an enhanced candidate experience.   

  • A Reduced Hiring Time

To sum up the points mentioned above, one of the chief gains of automating the recruitment process with RChilli resume parser in Oracle HCM is that it saves valuable time. The tedious tasks for candidates and recruiters, like, applying for the job, screening resumes, collating candidate data, and then scheduling a call, are all reduced.

Hence, with the parser integrated into your system’s backend, you can quickly identify the most talented and skilled individuals and hire them faster.   

Wrapping It Up

There can be numerous benefits to automating the hiring process. Nevertheless, RChilli resume parser in Oracle recruiting can help every recruiter by enhancing the positive candidate experience.

If you still haven’t automated your recruitment approach, now is the time to explore by scheduling a call. 

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