How RChilli + Oracle HCM Cloud Help CHROs Automate Recruitment?

December 17, 2021 by Aanchal Sharma

The chief human resource officer or a CHRO in any company can truly be called a trusted business advisor to the CEO. Thanks to the critical and ever-increasing role, they’ve been nicknamed C-suite consigliere, strategy enabler, and diversity champion. If we speak of the current global scenario, they have their plates fuller than ever before.

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So, Why Does A Company Need A CHRO?

Also called the chief HR officer, he/she supervises the human resource department, tones up the workplace culture, lays due emphasis on the employee experience, and allows the companies to give a more strategic vision to their company’s HR.

There’s no doubt that technology plays a significant role in saving the valuable time of the HR personnel in handling their tasks, particularly recruitment. The CHROs, however, account for being accountable for the company’s and its employee’s success and development. Having someone like him/her on board becomes the most critical element of any company’s success. As important as their role is, the CHROs have their share of challenges.

The Main Recruiting Challenges A Company’s CHRO Face Include:

  •         Finding the Perfect Candidate:

Finding an ideal candidate is the chief concern or challenge faced by a company’s CHRO. There’s no doubt that a wrong hire can cost a company valuable clients and revenue. This is when the CHRO needs a proficient team to recruit, hire, and train a resourceful set of employees.

Staying ahead of the competition is the call of the day. Spending valuable hours of the team segregating hundreds of resumes and then manually filling the data means wasting resources. As a CHRO, making informed decisions on utilizing the existing employees’ skills and finding a productive workforce becomes a priority.  

Considering that every other company and their HRs compete to hire talented professionals, CHROs need to be proactive. This means integrating the tools that make the candidate screening process easy and better and serves the company’s best interest.   

  •         Passing on the Baton Within the Organization

Another significant role of a CHRO is planning the succession and career growth within the company. This is automatically linked to employee engagement, reflecting on the company’s performance in the market. The employees get engaged when they know that the company reciprocates their efforts and performance. The challenges include getting the managers, team leaders, and the people involved in learning and development in sync.  

Being an expert in hiring, staff retention, and planning, setting a well-structured succession plan within the company falls under the profile of a CHRO. The problems that usually surfaced when a senior executive leaves, like knowledge transfer, no longer disrupt the company’s goal when the CHRO takes succession seriously.

  •         Managing a Team Returning To Work 

Within the two years, 2019-2021, hiring practices have significantly changed. According to a study, nearly 61% of the mid-sized companies have mentioned adding more members to their team, while 4% have said to reduce the existing strength.

Even though a significant number of companies suggest a positive hiring number, what worries the CHROs is where to get good employees from. Of course, having good company branding is one way to go, but just promoting the company on social channels won’t suffice. So, what will help garner the attention of prospective candidates and make them apply on the career page of the website? Are there any new ways to shortlist the candidates? What’s the best approach to bring the candidates onboard? These are a few questions that the CHROs have to answer that pose quite a dilemma for them.

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There’s no doubt that skills and technology go hand in hand, but the question is how?

How can RChilli + Oracle HCM Cloud Profile Import Plugin Help?

A job application page or form is the first interface of the company with its candidate, and it needs to be nothing less than best. It’s the job of the CHRO to sell the company to talented candidates and lay an impression that the company values his/her time. RChilli’s resume parser integration with Oracle HCM upgrades the backend and makes the job application a one-click process.

With RChilli Oracle HCM cloud profile import plugin, candidates get an opportunity to simply upload their resumes without filling the details repeatedly. The parser auto-populates the data from resumes and saves them in the Oracle HCM Cloud.  

Today’s job application and applicant screening processes are cloud-oriented and as the important person of contact of a company, staying up to date with technology is crucial. This is not only important for job applications but also for resumes processing. An agile resume processing software, its seamless integration with the HCM platform gives a CHRO and his/her team access to global candidates by screening and parsing resumes in more than 25+ languages.

Other interesting features include:

  • Auto populates 140+ fields

  • Processing resumes from multiple emails

  • An instant resume data mapping to Oracle HCM fields

  • Parse resumes in any document format like DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTM and HTML, DOT, DOTX, DOCM, and DOTM

Having an efficient recruitment management system will make the CHROs focus on other important aspects of their job, including employee hiring and retention. 

If you need more advice here on how RChilli’s resume parser integration with Oracle HCM can help CHROs perform better, schedule a call.

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