RChilli in Oracle HCM: Empowering CHROs to Conquer Hiring Roadblocks

by Aanchal Sharma

For decades, enterprises and multinational companies within Oracle space have shared a similar narrative toward managing people and candidates. CHROs and their evolution towards navigating change in a company’s hiring journey have become more nuanced.

RChilli in Oracle HCM- Helping CHROs Beat Their Hiring Challenges

Thanks to their critical and ever-increasing role, they’ve been nicknamed C-suite consigliere, strategy enabler, and diversity champion. their plates are fuller than ever if we speak of the current global scenario.

Does A Company Need a CHRO?

Also called the chief HR officer, they supervise the human resource department, tone up the workplace culture, emphasize on the employee experience, and allow the companies to give a more strategic vision to their HR.

Undoubtedly, that technology plays a significant role in saving HR personnel the valuable time in handling their tasks, particularly recruitment. The CHROs, however, account for being accountable for the company’s and its employee’s success and development. Having someone like them on board becomes the most critical element of any company’s success. As important as their role is, the CHROs have their share of challenges.

The Main Recruiting Challenges A Company’s CHRO Face Include:
In today's competitive job market, CHROs (Chief Human Resource Officers) encounter several significant challenges in the recruitment process. Here are the primary issues they face:

  • Losing Money in Finding the Perfect Candidate

Finding an ideal candidate is a significant concern for CHROs. Financial losses compound this challenge, as poor hiring decisions often stem from unreliable data; a detailed evaluation can cost a company thousands of dollars.

A bad hire can cost a company almost 30% of an employee's first-year salary.

Additionally, a wrong hire can lead to losing valuable clients and revenue, emphasizing the need for a proficient recruitment team.

  • Wasting Valuable Resources

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in today’s industry. Investing valuable hours segregating hundreds of resumes and manually filling data is time-consuming. As a CHRO, making informed decisions on utilizing existing employees’ skills and finding a productive workforce is a priority.

Manually screening resumes takes approximately 23 hours per job opening carrying a 88% chance of ignoring a qualified candidate. 

Therefore, CHROs need tools that simplify and improve the candidate screening process.

  •  Missing Potential Talent

The hiring process needs to be swift and efficient because the best candidates won’t wait for months to hear back from the recruitment team. A slow hiring process not only impacts employee engagement but also affects the company’s performance in the market. Additionally, financial loss and wasted resources from a lengthy hiring process can harm the company’s brand image.  

Did you know that 75% of millennials believe an organization’s brand value is significant when considering a job?

A strong and positive brand helps attract and engage talented candidates, increasing the chances of quality hires. CHROs must ensure candidates have a good experience, whether they are hired or not.

Can the company CHROs help their recruitment team stay afloat in challenging times?

To help their recruitment teams overcome these challenges, CHROs can leverage RChilli’s Resume Parsing solutions within Oracle HCM. This powerful tool automates various recruitment tasks, making the hiring process smoother and more efficient. Here are a few facts that state how automation is making its way into hiring practices across companies.

Stats proving why investing in AI is helpful for recruitment

How Automation Benefits Recruitment:

Automating the recruitment practices in Oracle is a process that improves a recruiter’s efficiency.

  1. Boosting Productivity: By automating manual tasks like resume screening, recruiters can focus on more strategic activities. This boost in productivity helps the team work more efficiently and fill positions faster.
  2. Improving Key Hiring Metrics: RChilli’s resume parsing solution directly impacts crucial recruitment metrics such as:

    • Hiring Costs
    • Time-to-Hire
    • Quality-of-Hire
    • Candidate Experience

By integrating RChilli’s Candidate Profile Import (a name for its resume parsing solution), CHROs can streamline their recruitment processes, reduce costs, and improve the overall hiring experience for candidates and recruiters.

Here are two ways to define it better:

Positive Candidate Experience: Enhancing the candidate experience is crucial for attracting top talent. RChilli’s parsing solution feature simplifies the application process, making it quick and user-friendly. Here's how it works:

  • One-Click Resume Upload: Candidates can upload their resumes with a single click without re-entering information already on their resumes. This streamlined process can increase application rates by up to 85%.

  • Time-Saving Application Process: Completing traditional job applications takes 20-25 minutes. RChilli’s automation reduces the application process to just a few seconds as data gets auto-populated. This efficiency can decrease applicant drop-off rates by up to 80%.

Also know why it's important to improve candidate experience.

Positive Recruiter Experience: RChilli improves the candidate experience and significantly enhances the recruiter's experience by automating and streamlining key aspects of the recruitment process. Here are the main benefits:

  • Time Savings from Manual Data Entry: RChilli significantly reduces the time recruiters spend on manual data entry. By automatically extracting candidate data according to pre-selected fields, the parser streamlines the recruitment process. This automation minimizes recruiter data-entry time by up to 89%.

  • Accurate Resume Parsing: The parser accurately extracts and organizes candidate information from resumes, ensuring that all 30 data fields Oracle allows are parsed and mapped correctly. This accuracy enhances time and cost savings by up to 84%.

  • Efficient Candidate Matching: Recruiters receive a list of candidates who match the selection criteria. This streamlined process reduces the manual time expenditure by up to 80%, ensuring qualified candidates are quickly identified.

Today’s job application and applicant screening processes are cloud-oriented, and as a key point of contact for a company, staying up to date with technology is crucial. This is important not only for job applications but also for resume processing. Utilizing advanced resume processing software that seamlessly integrates with the HCM platform allows CHROs and their teams to access global candidates by screening and parsing resumes in more than 27 languages.

Having an efficient recruitment management system enables CHROs to focus on other critical aspects of their roles, such as employee hiring and retention.

If you need more advice on how RChilli’s resume parser integration with Oracle HCM can help CHROs perform better, speak with our solution expert.

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