3 Ways Recruitment Software is Changing HR

January 13, 2021 by Snehil Sharma

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In the late 90s, when HR managers in an organization wanted to check their employee data, they had to dig deep into the files' pile, which was a daunting task. The HR processes used to run on big mainframes hidden in an air-conditioned basement somewhere under the office, while employees' training and onboarding programs were done on laserdisc.

But if we talk from today's perspective, 90's HR may look old school. The pain around HR resources becoming a bottleneck gave employees a window to develop new technologies and software to reduce their burden. And within a span of a few years, HR professionals came up with innovations that dramatically changed their working style.

Innovations like recruitment software are transforming the recruitment process and offer numerous benefits that provide remarkable results. 

Let's discuss how recruitment software has improved the recruitment process for HRs. 

1. Reduce Manual Repetitive Tasks

With the help of recruitment software, HR professionals can streamline their recruitment process and automate a lot of simple yet time-consuming tasks. HR professionals can lighten their workload with an Applicant Tracking System or ATS that helps them automate their recruiting process. To make ATS more impactful and powerful, HR professionals can club it with advanced technology tools like a resume parser. It helps recruiters screen the perfect candidate by extracting data from resumes/jobs and filling it in predefined data fields. This helps HR professionals to shortlist candidates according to the requirements. HR professionals can also utilize advanced technology like ‘Search & Match Engine’ in their recruitment process. It allows HR professionals to choose the right candidate through synonym matches related to skill/competency, location, tools, education, domain, and job title. 

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2. Improve Time-to-Hire

Recruiters spend a lot of their time on creating a job posting, job posting promotion, sourcing, interviewing and finally hiring candidates. An ATS helps them to reduce time-to-hire by automating all these processes.

3. Improve Candidate Experience

One of the challenges candidates face is filling up lengthy job applications. Imagine what would happen if candidates can easily apply for a job with a click! A quick submission is what makes a candidate happy. An ATS brings automation into your recruitment process by allowing the candidate to upload the resume and the data fields are automatically populated. Providing such an amazing experience plays an important role in attracting candidates to your website.

With technology, the sky is the limit. Advanced technology has increased our efficiency and productivity, which all organizations are aiming at. What are your opinions about changing the face of recruitment? Please share your views with us.

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