How to Implement People Analytics in Recruitment?

February 10, 2020 by Lovepreet Dhaliwal

Tips to Use People Analytics in Recruitment

People Analytics is one of the latest trends in the HR tech industry. Companies are using data analysis techniques to streamline processes related to hiring, employees, performance management, etc. 

When people analytics is applied to hiring, you can increase your efficiency and save your money and efforts. Data can help you in

  • identifying the best recruitment cycles 

  • assessing the best talent pipelines

  • analyze market rates to hire and retain top talent


Tips to Use People Analytics in Recruitment

Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right talent is an urgent need in this candidate-driven market. Let me write about how you can implement people analytics in your recruitment process.

  • Go for Data-based Decision Making

Make it a point to collect and analyze data. When data reveals insights, they become a priority. Encourage this culture and put emphasis on continuous learning.  

  • Identify Your Pain Point

What is affecting your recruitment process the most? Analyze what the loophole is and what needs a solution. Set a reasonable goal and be specific. Figure out a hypothesis that you can solve with the help of data. Now, you can assess what should be measured and which data should be collected. 

  • Data Collection

Decide which data you would like to collect. Use the perfect data measurement tools that can capture the right data. For example, recruitment analytics solutions such as resume parser can extract candidate data from resumes and save in data fields. It will save the time of recruiters on shortlisting candidates. You can also enrich your data and get updated information about candidates by visiting enrichment marketplace. It is a unified platform that brings data connectors and ATS/CRM together and helps the end-users to enrich their data. 

  • Analyze the Results

Now, it is time to interpret the results. Once you collect the data, figure out the results. Determine the actions and implement them. 


People analytics has the power to bring a complete transformation in your recruitment process. It is helpful in making your hiring free from bias as it will allow you to shortlist candidates based on their education, qualification, experience, etc. 

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