How to Make Your ATS Better, Faster and Smarter?

by Lovepreet Dhaliwal


What’s the one thing your users look for in your ATS?

  • Is it an enhanced functionality?

  • Is it an advanced approach?

  • Is it an amazing user experience?

What if you deliver all the above through your ATS?

But how?

The answer is AI and technology.

Bring the Benefits of Parse, Match & Enrich

I am talking about recruitment analytics solutions here.

Using the power of these solutions, you can not only enhance the functionality of your ATS but also deliver valuable services to your end users.

  • A resume parser facilitates automatic CV data update. What can be more convenient than getting candidate information in data fields without putting manual efforts? The result is a positive recruiter experience.

  • It allows you to parse resumes from multiple sources.

  • What else? Data migration is an important functionality every ATS should be proficient in. With the help of a resume parser, get a chance to simplify the data migration process.

  • Refresh the candidate data by visiting enrichment marketplace. Get enriched candidate information through data providers.

Which Areas Will Be Positively Affected by AI?

Resume Shortlisting

With manual resume sorting, there are chances to miss relevant resumes. As a resume parser parses candidate information in real-time, it simplifies the resume scanning process and saves recruiters from spending time on selecting candidates manually.

Amazing Candidate Experience

To be the best, your ATS must adopt automation. Candidates always avoid messy interfaces and complicated login parameters. The challenge arises when you greet a candidate with a lengthy application form. This is the point when the candidate gets ready to leave your website. If your ATS has a resume parser at its backend, the candidates only need to upload their resumes and submit a job application. The data fields are populated automatically by the parser.

What does the candidate get? A wonderful candidate experience.

What’s the Impact of AI on ATS?

  • Shorten the recruitment process with real-time parsing.

  • Close jobs quickly.

  • Shorten resume data update and resume upload time.

  • Reduce the cost incurred in data migration.

Enhancing your ATS to be better, faster, and smarter is crucial for delivering a top-notch user experience. By leveraging AI and advanced technology, you can automate and streamline the recruitment process, ensuring accurate and up-to-date candidate information.

Integrating solutions like resume parsing, matching, and enriching can save time, reduce manual effort, and provide a seamless candidate experience. These improvements not only shorten recruitment times but also lower costs.

Are you interested in knowing how recruitment analytics solutions can help your applicant tracking system? Give us a shout!

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