HR Tech Helping Niche Job Boards Find the Best Talent

July 14, 2019 by Imrinder Singh

Untitled design (43)What is the best way to source candidates?

Is it a job board?


Do you know that 52.17% of candidates are coming from job boards?

Job boards are the most preferred platform to source candidates. We can see a fierce war going on while acquiring talent. While there are established job boards that offer a huge volume of resumes, niche job boards are also making their way in the industry. You can see this genre booming day by day in the HR industry.   

What are Niche Job Boards?

Unlike regular job boards, niche job boards cater to a specific market segment. These platforms are designed for specific domains, skills, functions, geographies, etc. For example, if you are looking for software engineers, you will get quality resumes from these job boards. The in-depth segment knowledge of these platforms gives a boost to their clients’ recruitment process. 


Challenges Faced by Niche Job Boards

If you analyze, job boards have to do a lot of planning as they provide services to two users: recruiters and candidates. However, they face various challenges while delivering their services.

  • Job Description- If the job description is lengthy or complicated to understand, it is likely that candidates will not apply for the job position. They might visit your website but leave without applying.

  • Candidate Experience- If a candidate takes a lot of time in filling up the job application, he might leave it in between and switch to another website. Thus, it is important to deliver them an amazing experience. 

  • Quality Candidates- At times, niche job boards have limited options of candidates who can be the right fit for the job.


How Can Technology Help Meet These Challenges?

There are recruitment analytics solutions which can help you in resolving these issues.

Using a resume parser can speed up the application process. Once a candidate uploads the resume, the parser fills the data fields automatically, resulting in a quick resume submission. There will be minimal exit rate of candidates from the job board, and you will see a rise in traffic. 

Get quality recommendations for job description and resumes through semantic technology. If you provide a quick recommendation to both recruiters and candidates, you can easily retain them as a user. 

Imagine if you could update candidates’ resumes by getting all the information at one platform! You can enrich candidates’ profiles at Enrichment marketplace. Verify candidate information, analyze their social behavior, job changing behavior, etc. by using apps available at one platform. 

Are you interested in knowing how these solutions can help you streamline your recruitment? Contact us.

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