Innovative Recruitment Analytics Solutions for Enterprises

October 20, 2021 by Rohini Sood

Powerful Recruiting Analytics for Enterprises To Help You Hire Faster

What is recruitment analytics? How does it help enterprises and HR managers to make better hiring decisions? Recruitment analytics solutions empower TA teams to make data-driven decisions around candidate sourcing and selection and close more jobs quickly.

Looking for ways to redefine your candidate experience?

Are you ready to transform your hiring process?

If you answered YES, to any of the following questions, there is a high probability that you need modern recruitment analytics solutions for your enterprise.

What Are Recruitment Analytics Solutions For Enterprises?

Recruitment analytics solutions involve tracking, evaluating, and analyzing candidate data to make better hiring decisions. In the present circumstances, hiring professionals and recruiters utilize analytics for functional insights that empower them to make data-driven selections around candidate sourcing and selection.

Recruitment Analytics Solutions For Enterprises - Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

We all know that the talent acquisition task is an indispensable element of every enterprise and cannot be overlooked. The success of a company is related to its hiring process. 

Globally, HR professionals frequently use advanced recruitment analytics solutions for their hiring processes. The foremost reason could be that they are inundated with resumes when posting a job opening. What better way to save time and resources than using HR tech tools? Another benefit of using these tools is to provide a fantastic candidate experience.

This article covers why CX is necessary, the benefits of innovative recruiting analytics like resume parsing and taxonomy, and how an enterprise can benefit from these tools/software.

What is Candidate Experience & Why is it Crucial for the Enterprises?

Of late, there is such a furor about candidate experience, but what is candidate experience? 

Candidate experience or CX is how the candidate perceives your company/enterprise once they undergo your hiring process. CX is one of the prime factors for attracting talent. The emotions experienced by the candidate during the process can influence their decision to apply to your company.

What’s Ruining Your Candidate Experience?

Sometimes there are certain shortcomings in the hiring process, which can hinder the smooth running of the talent acquisition process. So, here are some points that employers are struggling with:·        

  • Not having a quick application process·        

  • Absence of an effective career site  

  • Lack of recruitment tools in ATS 

5 Powerful Tips to Improve CX

5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Candidate Experience

1. Invest in Recruitment Analytics Solutions

AI-based recruiting software streamlines the hiring process. It helps you manage and sort candidate resumes based on skills and qualifications. These tools save you from the hassle of manually tracking everything yourself. 

2. Streamline the Application Process

Simplifying the application process is another vital task that can uplift your talent acquisition efforts. Decrease the number of steps to apply for a job. 

The easier it becomes for the candidate to apply, the less likely they will leave the application process.

3. Create an Engaging Career Site

Make your career site engaging and include information about the company supported by videos and infographics. Give the candidate a centralized place to apply for open jobs and interview scheduling. Integrate tools such as resume parser, web forms, and LinkedIn Apply, which lets candidates take advantage of their LinkedIn information to apply for jobs directly.

4. Write Clear Job Descriptions

What is the most significant thing that attracts a job seeker? What makes them apply for the job? It’s the job description! Candidates look for a clear and concise explanation of the job and responsibilities rather than a list headed nowhere. Don’t forget to mention the salary range and other perks associated with the job profile.

5. Transparent Hiring Process

A crucial part of transparent hiring is specifying the salary and responsibilities. If you fail to do so, you could be closing the door to a qualified job seeker. The more information a candidate has about their role and responsibilities, the better it is. 

How Can RChilli Help in Delivering a Good CX to the Enterprise?

With its innovative and cutting-edge HR tools, RChilli ensures that its clients hire the perfect fit in a blink of an eye. Here are their top 3 intelligent recruitment analytics solutions:

Resume Parser for Enterprises:

RChilli resume parser extracts candidate data from resumes in 140+ data fields through REST API. A candidate needs to upload their resume, and the resume parser will automatically populate the data fields. Hence, it improves candidate experience by nearly 85% and saves candidates’ time by eliminating the repetitive task of filling in the details. 

Search and Match

RChilli’s extensive search and match technology offers a fantastic CX by providing the following:

  • Job recommendations matching their resumes

  • Similar job recommendations matching a specific job position


RChilli Taxonomy 3.0 enhances the job-searching capability of the candidates. It enhances the candidate experience by showing them the recommended job titles while searching. For example, While searching for “Supervisor,” the candidate will get suggestions such as Supervisor Agent, Supervisor Counsel, and Supervisor Associate.

Do you want to know how to enhance your CX by 85%? Download this exclusive Whitepaper on Candidate Experience and gain insight into the benefits of investing in CX. 

To know more about our futuristic AI recruiting tools and how they can benefit your enterprise, schedule a meeting with us!

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