Let Candidates Chat with Chatbots!

March 13, 2019 by Lovepreet Dhaliwal

 Untitled design (30)What’s the latest trend in the recruitment industry?

I am going to talk about chatbots.

Imagine candidates are visiting your website, talking to robots and getting all the information they need.

Or what if I change your perception of hiring candidates by saying that a chatbot can share half of your responsibilities by screening candidates on your behalf?

Recruiters face several challenges while hiring candidates:

  • Poor candidate experience

  • Missing relevant resumes

  • Inadequate candidate information

Chatbots fulfill your dream of eliminating these challenges and having a seamless recruitment process.

By 2022, HR and recruiting chatbots have the potential to reduce business costs by more than $8 billion.

Chatbots are not only employers’ favorite. Candidates and customers also love them.

However, they come with various benefits as well as challenges.

Would you be surprised to know why you should have used chatbots? Here are the reasons:

1. Candidate Experience

I know we talk a lot about this topic, but it is unavoidable. Apart from making recruiters’ life simpler, chatbots ensure a positive candidate experience.

One vacancy attracts a high volume of resumes. And it is difficult to go through all these resumes manually. Often, resumes and candidate queries are ignored. Chatbots communicate with the candidates and handle their queries. This makes candidates feel comfortable with their first interaction with the company.

2. FAQs

When candidates start the job application process, they have a lot going in their mind. There must be someone who can answer their questions. It is not practical for the recruiters to handle this task. Chatbots answer queries related to the company and job profile by recognizing keywords. This provides a better understanding to the candidates resulting in a good experience. Timely replies are what chatbots are efficient at.

3. Rapport Building

Rapport building starts with effective communication. Chatbots make the conversation easy and comfortable by asking relevant questions to the candidates. Mya is an excellent example of a chatbot which interacts with candidates through a messaging app.

4. Qualified Candidates

Screening candidates is easy with chatbots. They ask questions related to candidates’ skills, qualifications, etc. and qualify candidates who meet the set criteria. Apart from screening, chatbots schedule interviews and meetings. Thus, recruiters do not have to spend time setting up appointments with candidates.

HR chatbots have a great potential of interacting with candidates and providing them a smooth candidate experience. Recruiters can let the candidates chat with the chatbot while handling other important HR activities.  

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