Overcome Your Recruiting Challenges in 2022

September 25, 2021 by Rohini Sood

Overcome recruiting challenges in 2022

How can recruiters navigate the changing landscape of the recruitment and overcome challenges in the hiring process? The article identifies six challenges that recruiters are likely to face in 2022. For each challenge, the article provides actionable strategies that recruiters can use to overcome them. 

Can you name one of your biggest challenges in hiring? 

Well, we are sure not one, but there must be many! Let us discuss them in detail. So, here are the top 5 recruitment challenges we keep hearing about and solutions to overcome to make recruiting more effective:

Challenge 1: “Candidates leave my site without filling out the form. What do I do?”

Chances are you have a lengthy process of form filling that leaves the candidate disinterested. 

Solution: Ensure a positive candidate experience with AI-powered Resume Parser

Create a responsive career site/page by integrating advanced AI tools for recruitment, such as a CV parser API.

Ensure that the candidate does not leave your career page by removing redundant information and making form filling easy.

According to the 2020 Talent Board North America Candidate Experience Research report, about 25% of candidates reported a long recruiting process as one of the reasons for withdrawing.

How can an AI-based resume parser help in recruiting?

The manual approach to recruitment involves heaps of paperwork that can drain HR professionals and slow down the hiring process by volume. 

Since their efforts are primarily invested in talent acquisition tasks, keeping the finest talent around becomes laborious. In this scenario, a resume parser takes much burden from the recruiter’s shoulders. 

How can RChilli’s Resume Parser help with candidate experience?

  • It auto-fills data fields on your candidate apply page. The parser automatically populates the data fields once the candidate uploads the resume.

  • Extracts candidate data from resumes in 140+ data fields through REST API

  • It analyzes resumes created in any document format, such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTM and HTML, DOCM, DOTM, DOT, DOTX

Therefore, recruiters should consider boosting their hiring process by implementing an advanced AI-based resume parser for ATS to ensure a smooth flow of information and help them eliminate several extra costs linked with recruitment.

Challenge 2: “The candidate was selected for a job position but didn't join. Do I have to start the candidate screening process again?”

Ask yourself, “Would it be wise to go through heaps of resumes again?” Well, indeed, NO.

Solution: Simplify the recruitment process with Search and Match Engine

Simplifying recruitment is becoming crucial daily to decrease the workload of HR/recruiters.

With the search and match engine, you can search and match candidates and jobs with great relevancy and accuracy.

How does Search & Match Engine help?

Search & Match Engine speeds up the hiring process with similar resumes and matching job recommendations. It provides:

  • Resume to Jobs- It brings more job recommendations to the candidate.

  • Job to Jobs- It brings similar job recommendations matching a specific job position.

  • Job to Resumes- It brings more candidate recommendations for a job position.

  • Resume to Resumes- It brings similar candidate recommendations matching a particular resume.

Challenge 3: “I am losing out on quality resumes because I don’t have sufficient keywords to search for them.”

Let’s give you an example; searching with the keyword “Sales Executive” may provide relevant candidate results. But some candidates may have this keyword in their resume but have the same experience as a sales executive. What now? You may lose out on the best candidates due to your software limitation.

Solution: Invest in ready-to-use Skills and Job Profile taxonomy

You can enhance the user experience by showing recommended skills/job titles to the candidate/recruiter while searching.

For example, offer alias for the job profile ‘Sales Executive’ such as Field sales executive, Sales Representative, Sales Consultant, Sales Agent, Direct Salesperson. The users can use these aliases and broaden their keyword search to find the right fit.

How can Taxonomy help?

Taxonomy is a great solution to improve the users' resume/job searching ability. It is an extensive library of skills and job profiles spread across industries and domains with unlimited individual concepts. Taxonomy helps to:

  • Get keyword recommendations and improve your search results   

  • Create extra tags in the search engines, software like Solar/Elasticsearch, or custom-built

  • Set a benchmark for storing resumes/jobs with the step-by-step classification of skills/job profiles

  • Get the recommended skills and job titles

  • Get govt. data-ready taxonomies as the product can now easily map with govt databases of the USA, Canada, Australia, and the European Union

Challenge 4: “How do I migrate data from an old ATS to a new ATS?”

Are you worried about data loss while migrating your client's data from an old ATS to your ATS? Data can be transferred to a new platform or location with no data loss and minimum manual data manipulation.

Solution: Offer seamless data migration solutions

Data migration often becomes unreal when we think about the entire process and the steps involved. There are numerous challenges in migrating data, like, erroneous candidate information, partial information, messy data, and data dump in various formats.

How can RChilli’s Data Migration help?

We use advanced technology that ensures a smooth data migration process. Other benefits include:

  • Lowers data migration cost for the recruiter

  • Quick integration of candidate and jobs data

  • It saves recruiters' time

  • Simplifies the complex data structures and migrates with ease

Challenge 5: “I want to enrich my resume data. How do I achieve that?”

Generally, recruiters purchase a third-party solution and integrate it within their existing platforms. This isn’t as easy as it seems, as one must handle updates and varying versions of API. Imagine getting all these services on one platform!

Solution: Visit Enrichment Marketplace

The enrichment marketplace invites service providers to create apps that the end-users can utilize directly within their system.

What are the benefits of the Enrichment Marketplace?

Benefits of the enrichment marketplace include:

  • Quick creation of apps

  • Easy integration with APIs

  • Enrich user data

There are several ways that AI can add value to the hiring process, and the ones mentioned above are just a few to begin with. RChilli offers innovative AI-based solutions that can streamline your recruitment process.

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