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A holistic platform charged with the brightest minds in the industry, HRTechTank San Francisco was truly more than a typical boot camp or pitching event. Imagine the vibrant aura of Hack Temple packed with Industry experts like Josh Bersin, Ward Christman, Gary Swart, Ilonka Jankovich, Vinay Johar sharing their rich experiences and insights. Bringing together over 80 Investors (Angels and VCs), HR Executives and Industry influencers, the event made a hit opening with the high spirited Taras Polischuk igniting the assembly with his charisma.

Here is a sneak peep of key highlights with due credits to Twitter for hoarding some clicks for all those who couldn’t manage to be there and those who keenly look forward to joining the next event.

kicked off by Taras at Great venue Gary Swart, General Partner at Polaris Partners and former CEO of oDesk shared how technology, globalization, changing demographics have changed the society and economy. Putting forth that even though companies are facing talent shortages yet workforce is struggling to find jobs, he discoursed that the disparity is rising as both are unable to find each other.

Here are some tweets pooled together giving first hand insights of some key viewpoints shared by Gary Swart on Building future-proof HR Tech Products.

Some key Tweets

The HR Industry is pioneering solutions to develop HR Tech products that comply with the changing times and for that to thrive ‘Investment’ is the forerunner.

And following are some of ground rules shared by Ilonka Jankovich for start-ups on how to earn strategic investors and how a corporate venture capital investment benefits. She counselled start-ups to share ‘Unique Value propositions’ with investors, acquaint themselves with ‘competitors’, have clear business models and strategies, provide details of the technology and the one that matters the most “Provide a DEMO’. She also shed light on some of the HR Technologies like Gigwalk, HackerRank, Brazen, Crunchr, Pymetrics that have emerged to tackle macro trends.

Members of the investor panel: Sean Jacobsohn, Villi Iltchev, Pavel Cherkashin, Anoushka Vaswani, Roman Sobachevskiy, Alex Nwaka, Oleg Koujikov shared similar views on how investment firms assess the competence of start-ups and base their investing decisions on their growth potential.

Paralleling technological change to business productivity, Josh Bersin shared significant demographics elucidating that despite the high rate of growth of technology, productivity is far lower, further highlighting the slowdown of the industry since 2011.

He also expounded the important 2017 trends for the industry from the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report and the new work environments viz. workplace@facebook, Slack, HipChat, Trello, G Suite, Basecamp, CISCO etc. that have paved their way through HR technologies.

Some tweets:

Josh Bersin viewpoints @HRTechTank

The event served as an opportunistic window to high potential innovations that have a go today. Here is the value proposition of some of these fantastic startups all ready to go far climbing ladders of success

  • Whil, a digital mindfulness training platform, is helping every employer go beyond the employee's work and reduce their stress that in turn improves business productivity. Programs and sessions in neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology aid the workforce maintain a balanced and stress free life.
  • Acknowledging and believing the fact that every person has something different to contribute to the organization, Fuel50 is the next gen career path software that helps find the right kind of work for every member within your organization.
  • Motivation is a high flyer for any employee and GrowBot, an application for employee engagement on Slack and Microsoft Teams ensures clients celebrate and appreciate the work of their employees keeping them motivated and in full vigor of life.
  • Rallyware CEO @GeorgeElfond spoke about the latest employee engagement technologies bringing forward how Rallyware, an Intelligent workforce engagement solution helps it clients coach, train and motivate its customer’s workforce through its scalable engagement programs.

In addition to all the foregoing, how could we miss on a whole swathe of knowledge tacks by the CEO’s of some well-known, out of the ordinary platforms viz., Good.co, Recruit Institute of Technology, HackerRank, AmazingHiring that have embraced the latest expert technological systems. In the Panel Discussion, these leading recruiting technology experts exchanged their views on how technology continues to enhance recruiting helping acquisition, engagement and retention of talent.

For the ones who were there, we are sure that you did open your ‘To do’ list, setting aside time to share with your team the variety of unexplored horizons HRTech Tank San Francisco steered towards you.

Well, we are certainly going to do it!

It was indeed an enriching experience for Rchilli to bask in the aura of eminent personalities who have been constantly making a difference to the HR World. Rchilli is glad to be global partner with industry leading HRTechTank fostering HRTech Entrepreneurship all over the world.

Vinay Johar in high regard of the establishment said “The incredible amount of knowledge one gains through HRTechTank events is unsurmountable. Like always, HRTechTank provided an immensely powerful platform to all assembled for the event in San Francisco. I am highly proud to partner with them.”

Calling it a day off, full of knowledge sharing and high energy networking, the event concluded just to start with equal zest in Hong Kong bringing similar opportunities to those present there.

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