Redefining Enterprise Integration

July 29, 2018 by Vinay Johar

The Next Wave of Enterprise Integration

I believe when we talk about integration, every business thinks about fixing the same loopholes and challenges. The traditional approach no longer works now. It is not agile and cannot work well with new concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT. The technical glitches in integration also hamper the smooth functioning of a process.

This calls for a change in the integration process. Modern enterprises are looking at enhancing their recruitment process with something which is easy to use, agile and compatible with AI and other latest technology concepts. Thus, enterprise integration is getting a new shape.

Why There is a Shift Towards Enterprise Integration?

Large enterprises might be using Taleo, iCIMS or another applicant tracking system but at times, they face a few challenges.What Takes Enterprise Integration to the Next Level_

  • Lengthy forms for the candidate to fill in
  • Missing out a candidate because of keyword mismatch
  • Resumes not fully parsed

These drawbacks make recruiters/hiring managers adopt the latest in the recruitment space. Enterprises need solutions with can easily fix these issues.

API Integration

I have seen integration landscape evolve very quickly.

API integration is a common phenomenon now. Recruitment solutions such as a Resume Parser API are supporting the use of AI to hire the best fit. It allows you to parse resumes via a REST API call and get the output in JSON format. This output can be easily inserted into an enterprise’s current ATS.

2-min Integrations - A New Approach

It is a fact that only technical professionals could handle integrations. With heavy-coding, integrations were meant to last forever. As every process is getting automated and there is a pressure to speed up the recruitment process, quick integrations are in demand.

This is no longer a domain meant just for technical experts. Two-minute integrations are a new trend which is reshaping enterprise integration.

That’s right!

What does this mean? While you prepare a cup of coffee for yourself, it will set up a process, test and give results. It’s so simple!

RChilli is introducing RScript, a web plugin, which is designed to reduce the integration time from two hours to just two minutes. The users do not need an API to use this plugin.

The simple steps include:

  • Use your webpage’s URL or HTML where you upload resumes
  • Map the fields with the parser’s fields
  • Paste a JScode into your web page
  • And start parsing resumes

The Outcome

To sum up, I feel that the next wave of enterprise integration is about to come. Change is imperative for large enterprises. Tiny steps should be taken today for a better future. Thus, stay aligned with the industry and get ready for a global level change.

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