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Social Analytics and Resume Enrichment

September 22, 2016 by dev

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Next level of Social Analytics & Resume Enrichment

With each passing day, the year 2017 is coming closer, and HR already has started planning, budgeting, and strategies for the year next. Soon we will be flooding up with the posts on trends 2017 related to this -and- that, and what of Recruitment by who’s who in the industry. Being a trend keeper and vigilant practitioner, you must go with the relevant ones.

Organizations in 2017 are focusing mainly on these trends:

  • More focus on maximizing mobile, social and content strategies.
  • Mobile and Social Essentials booklet for a cutting edge Recruiting Strategy.
  • Enhancing passive candidate’s responses to your outreach.
  • Breakthrough searches on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus
  • Boosting company’s brand with Recruitment Marketing and Branding strategies for Employees.
  • Social Recruiting on the tight budget and its gamification in the digital age.

Companies are evolving with technology in their quest for better talent and search methods. Social Media serves to be their best choice in the present Digital-age. Recruiters know their next hires are netizens and where to capture them.

In words of Bob Myhal, former CEO of NextHire, “tools like social media, big data, and other technologies gives tremendous insight into individual job seekers primary screening method.”

Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo agrees that digital profiles provide far much better insight into candidature of applicants than traditional resumes. A recruiter can quickly learn whether the applicant has the right skills or not. Even phone calls today are changed into video interviews, that gives a holistic view of the candidate. Candidates today expect a fast and easy process through Automation, which Rchilli is pioneered in.
Laura Kerekes, CKO, ThinkHR shares her insight of maximizing candidate experience through the job application process. Your employer brand is what makes you sell among candidates. Always put the best foot forward when you are hunting for the right talent, even in trenches.

Social Analytics can be an aid when you want to achieve the maximum from the social recruiting strategies. The cluttered information scattered online is neatly aggregated and displayed in tabular format. Even the smallest granule of information online is sync and can be read as a part of CV later on to validate the information. This can save hours of your research behind the best fits, but you can still enjoy as many as coffees you would like to have every HR’s favorite part.

Social Analytics further has two components –

  1. Job Index
  2. Employer verification.

Now let us see, how online information can help us do the both components.

  1. Job Index- Going through online profiles refines your instincts and let you discover about the interpersonal skills of the applicant apart from validating the CV info. Sometimes, in just hovering the profile of a candidate, we get so many cues about our ideal fit. In fact, their one status can make the difference. At least sometimes but now it is pretty clear, to get your dream job, one must be in the social books of the Recruiters and Social Analytics accurately helps you in doing it.
  2. Employer Verification- LinkedIn is the trump card in getting the previous employers on record. But who would do that from the start and for every CV? I mean every single CV, it’s damn cumbersome and tiring job, and no employer would like to see HR ranting over this. Social Analytics, an intelligent system in itself, always bring the complete information about employers and then you can easily figure out, who has worked with the previous employer and who hasn’t? Simple.

Resume Enrichment is yet another step of Rchilli to revolutionize the entire passive candidates' approach and make them the resource for future open positions. Recruiters today have to be pro-active. You need to build a sales funnel exactly like the sales rep does. Be ready with the ideal candidates even before the job is posted. This way, you would be acclimatizing for the future workforce.

Hiring is not just limited to shifting profiles and sorting the CV information but more than that and most important hiring which every Recruiter loves to do. Gauging online information can take this work from recruiters if they are not quick in adopting the Automation in different cycles of hiring. It’s not about data anymore but applying the intelligent to deduce meaningful inferences from the data.

Just like big data centers, global companies create knowledge pools to take strategic decisions. Similarly, candidate information all across the globe can be used to decide fast growth and expansion plans. With help of Social Analytics and Resume Enrichment, recruiters can quickly predict and spot the best talent.

HR getting the seat at C-suite is not a new a thing anymore. There is good news for salaried workers earning up to $ 47,476 from December 1, as they will be eligible to receive overtime. On average, there is a 30% gap between the importance of particular talent challenges, and how prepared HR is to overcome these challenges- as shared by Oracle.

Best 5 HR Insights on Automation this week via tweets:

1 ‏@servicenow -By not automating, your #HR dept is throwing its valuable time down the drain.

2 Rick Devine (@TalentSkyInc), CEO of TalentSky Inc.- I don’t think predictive hiring solutions are a fad, but what they are predicting will need to evolve over time to emphasize and prioritize candidates’ relevant skills—independent of what roles and experiences they acquired those skills in.

3 DecisionPathHR ‏@DecisionpathHr - Getting the right people into your company to start with gets things moving in the right direction at the very beginning.

4 ‏@Cognizant - 94% think there's a #digital skills gap — making their future bleak.

5 Petr Nečesal ‏@Petr_Necesal -" In fact, in the US, some 72% of CVs are never seen by human eyes."

Automation has made companies go global by fostering right talent when demanded. Automation is all about bringing all HR functions on one single platform. Social Analytics and Resume Enrichment is your go-to- spot for procuring best talent and with the right digital skills.

The best aspect of using both tools is in knowing when to approach the candidate and with what opportunity. With Automation, comes the knowledge of proficient hiring and resourceful talent.