The Story Behind Our Name:RChilli

October 01, 2018 by Vinay Johar

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Wherever we go, whether we have business meetings or a casual get-together, people always ask us why we chose RChilli as the name of the company. Some of them find it unique; some are inquisitive and curious to know the real story behind it.

We have recently been featured among ‘Top 10 Cool Company Names in HR Tech’ in a podcast. Thanks to Andrew Gadomski and Jason Roberts for talking about us.

You can listen to the podcast ‘HR Tech Preview’ here.

However, we would like to elaborate on how we got our name.

So here it goes:

‘R’ stands for ‘Resume.’ But how are resume and chilli associated? Well, chilli is a hidden ingredient in the food which enhances its flavor. Similarly, RChilli ensures to extract hidden information from the resume and provides enriched information about the candidate to facilitate quality talent acquisition.

Our forte lies in identifying skills, job titles and converting job titles to skills.     

But how do we do it? Let’s share a story of a recruiter who comes across a resume of three candidates.

First Resume:

The candidate forgets to mention his skills.

In this case, we add the job-related skills by using our taxonomy. For example, the job profile of the candidate is Java Developer. His skills can be Java Swing, Ajax, EJB, Java Applets and much more. We provide the same from our 90,000+ skills and taxonomies and 1300+ soft skills keywords.

Thus, the recruiter does not have to make an extra effort to know about the candidate’s skills. Our resume parser provides this information.

Here is an example of how our parser shows job-related skills:


Second Resume:

The candidate overwrites his skills.

The candidate repeats a skill in his resume many times with different names. For example, the skills mentioned by a java developer include scrum, agile, etc. Our parser identifies these overwritten skills and helps you to get the exact skill of that alias.

Here is an example:


Third Resume:

The candidate skips the education field while applying.

While applying, the candidate forgets to fill in the education or experience field. We ensure to cover this gap area by taking out the required information from the candidate’s resume.

We are also coming up with a new enrichment marketplace which provides more details about candidates by fetching required information from different data providers.

So, here we are...adding more features to your recruitment software to make it efficient just like chilies add spiciness to your food to make it tastier. Thus, the name RChilli.

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