Why Do We Need an Easy Candidate Screening Process?

November 25, 2019 by Lovepreet Dhaliwal


Why do we need an easy candidate screening process

Screening the right candidate is the first step towards quality recruitment. It is a process of determining whether candidates are fit for a specific job based on their education, experience, qualification, etc.

I am sure you will agree that resume screening consumes a lot of time for the recruiters. 


Do you know that


Resume parser for screening resumes

What are the reasons for this?

What makes the hiring managers and recruiters ask for an easy candidate screening process?

Let’s find out in this article.


  • Volume of Resumes

The number of resumes received for a single job position is a major challenge. Screening a heavy number increases the workload of recruiters. An applicant tracking system will organize all these resumes and help you to screen them. 

This is where technology comes into the picture. Using solutions such as resume parser, an ATS can easily handle any number of resumes. A resume parser can parse a large number of resumes in a scalable manner. It extracts resume information and saves the same in data fields such as education, experience, skills, qualification, etc. 


  • Quality of Hire

Quality is more important than quantity. A traditional applicant tracking system cannot measure the quality of hire. Many companies measure this metric based on the job performance, rate of turnover, and hiring managers’ satisfaction. 

However, there are many performance measuring tools available that can identify challenge areas. 


  • Time to Hire

Time to hire is directly linked to the volume of resumes you get. The more the volume, the more time you take to fill a vacancy. 

Technology promotes smart candidate screening. Apart from a resume parser, matching technology gives you similar recommendations matching a resume/job. This empowers recruiters to make the right choice quickly. 

Using the right technology is the solution to these challenges. The candidate screening process has to be very effective in recruiting the right fit. As 2020 is approaching, it is time to adopt high-end technology to have the best in class streamlined process. 

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