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Why Every ATS Needs A Resume Parser!


Resume parser for ATS

By far, everyone in the Recruitment Software Industry should know what Resume Parser is? Yes, the only solution that grabs your resume, extracts every minutest of detail written on it, keeps it structured as XML/JSON and inserts back in the database as a unique entry for each candidate. Sounds a lot of work but yes, it’s the Resume Parser that runs the show.

Now, why does an Applicant Tracking Software needs a CV/Resume Parser?

Let’s have the reasons:

1 Do more in less time- HR solution that comes handy most of the times. Parser automates the resume first, processes (parse, extract, convert) resumes and creates an entry in the database quickly. To escalate the Resume Management, apply One Click to see the results.

2 Your Customers need it- As a vendor yourself, put your feet in the customer shoe and check what they want. Nobody knows best than the customer what they want, so start listening. End customers i.e. Employers, Staffing firms & Job boards want to omit processes that lack candidate experience and engagement at the same time. We need solutions that can serve as a Change-Agent for the company, agile and easy to use.

3 Next-level of Resume Management- That’s right; CV Automation is the next level. Haven’t you experienced it yet? If not, you must call Rchilli today. A single solution connecting existing workflows and forming a complete end-to-end Recruitment solution. Resume Parsing, Social Recruiting, Updating Passive Resumes, and Semantic Search-Match in just One Click via CV Automation.

4 Analytics- What if Analytics can predict your future rate of growth and progress. You would flair exponentially and tread paths you never imagined. So let’s embark on a journey of automating workflows and simplify recruitment that Rchilli loves to do. With Analytics, comes the power of moving ahead of Talent cycles i.e. you built a talent pipeline which serves you in the future.

5 User-Experience- The end customer simply loves it and talks most about it. You know it; user experience that keeps candidates coming on websites again-n-again. More registrations, fewer bounce rates and Right jobs will change the pace at which your business moves today. So just think about it. With One Click user auto-fills the forms/showcase available Social Profiles & Updates information effortlessly. After that, the system is designed to show the most preferred jobs matching the candidate's profile.

Applicant Tracking System helps companies speed up their Recruitment cycle and increase their efficiency. Resume Parser can help an ATS deliver a complete Recruitment Solution that will manage workforce of both present and future. Let’s do the CV Automation and  take Recruitment to the next level; keeping best talent always in mind.