Why Every ATS Needs A Resume Parser?

November 24, 2020 by Snehil Sharma

In today's digital era, hr technology can efficiently handle bulk recruitment and high applicant volumes. Let's look at how ATS can make a definite and indelible impact on today's competitive job market with the help of a resume parser.

Resume parser for ATS

I believe we all have been there when we were finding the perfect job opportunity, customizing our resume and cover letter, submitting our application online, and praying that it will pass the resume review test. Writing a perfect resume can be one of the most important things we do in our life. Unfortunately, nowadays, few applications are getting lost in the resume 'black hole,' and applicants are left wondering why the employer didn’t look into their application. 

Don’t you feel that candidates always think that their job application is rejected every time they apply? What is missing in their application? 

The answer is simple. Many job applicants don't realize that their job applications are rejected before they reach a recruiter's hands. It often first passes through the technology known as Applicant Tracking System/ CRM. 

Would you be surprised if I told you that every organization nowadays involves a resume parser in their ATS/CRM to automate their screening task? I don’t think so. Let’s find out through this blog how important a resume parser is for ATS/CRM.

Why Does an ATS/CRM Software Need a CV/Resume Parser?

  1. Structured Candidate Data

    Resume parser will make candidate information more structured and make your candidate database more manageable. Now recruiters can easily filter candidates using keywords and tags instead of recollecting which candidate is the ideal hire. 
  2. Better Candidate Experience

    When a resume parser is used on your application form, it will provide a positive candidate experience. Candidates only have to upload their resumes while the fields will be populated automatically. 
  3. Email Inbox Parsing

    Through RChilli resume parser, recruiters and HR professionals can fetch resumes from single or multiple emails.. 
  4. Multilingual Parsing

    A resume parser can automatically identify the region and languages used in the resume and parse the information accordingly. 
  5. Streamline the Process

    The screening process becomes easy when you have a resume parser along with ATS. All the screening tasks get streamlined with one software's help, starting from a custom application till sending the pre-assessment tests. 
  6. Save Time

    RChilli resume parser saves recruiters’ time on sorting out resumes manually. It easily extracts candidate’s data and saves into your ATS/CRM quickly in different fields. In a short time, recruiters can process and select the most relevant candidate that will be perfect for the organization.
  7. Bulk Upload

    Through this feature of a resume parser, recruiters can parse multiple resumes in go. 

Resume Parser can help an ATS/CRM deliver a complete Recruitment Solution that will manage the present and future workforce. The truth behind using a parser in the recruitment process is that it will shorten the recruitment process for recruiters as well as for candidates. 

If you still want to explore our resume parser, contact us to clarify your doubts and know more about our intelligent solutions.

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