Customer Speaks-What Do Our Clients Say About Us

by Navjot Kaur

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RChilli promises to guarantee an incredible experience to its customers and keep itself future-ready for all upcoming demands of feature/product. We are a proud partner of 1600+ customers across 50+ countries. As a trusted partner of resume parsing, matching, and data enrichment, we are committed to delivering a remarkable service to our customers and fulfilling their expectations.

Here is why they chose us and what they like about RChilli

What matters to us is the appreciation we get from our customers. It feels great when our customers share the amazing results they get by using our products. Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

  • Seamless Integration

Often our clients recall when the RChilli team started working with their team. They say they could integrate the RChilli resume parser into their product in less than a day. The documentation is easy to understand, and clear that their teams had no hassles in carrying out the integration process.

  • Resume Information Extraction in 140+ Fields

Our clients are happy that they get information in numerous data fields. They are amazed at the reports we provide showing the percentage of success for every data field. This helps them in selecting data fields they want based on a higher percentage, which, in turn, makes them take the right decision.

  • Enhances Functionality

Our clients have significantly improved their systems by incorporating the RChilli resume parser. This enhancement is due to our cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, which accurately understands and processes resume data. NLP enables our software to read and interpret human language, making it highly effective at parsing resumes.

With NLP, our resume parser automatically extracts key information, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy. This allows recruiters to quickly identify top candidates and streamline their hiring processes, leading to better-informed decisions and improved overall efficiency.

Our clients appreciate that RChilli focuses on maintaining and continuously improving its core resume parsing capabilities. This commitment to excellence is why they choose RChilli as their trusted resume parsing partner.


At RChilli, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that transform recruitment processes. Our clients consistently praise the seamless integration, extensive data extraction, and enhanced functionality that our resume parser and other APIs provide. These innovations not only streamline hiring but also empower organizations to make smarter, more efficient decisions.

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