Why Should Candidate Experience Be Your Foremost Priority?

August 06, 2019 by Vinay Johar

Add a subheading-1Do you want to hire quality candidates?

Do you want more candidates to visit your career page?

And lastly, would you like to win the talent war?

Your dream of having a perfect recruitment process can turn into reality if you focus on the right factors. It’s a candidate-driven job market. You no longer choose a candidate. In fact, it is the candidate who picks you. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to start improving your candidate experience right now. 

What is Candidate Experience?

It is more than a current trend and a topic of discussion. This term includes all the interactions and engagements you make with a candidate during the hiring process. Examples of these interactions are your career site, social media, job postings, interviews, etc. 

Imagine what would happen if your potential candidates are interested in the future job positions of your company!

You will already have a talent pool for future positions. This is the power of positive candidate experience.   


Need for Delivering a Positive Candidate Experience 

78% of candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people.

A positive candidate experience has long-term benefits for your organization. I am going to pinpoint a few of them. 

  • A candidate, who has a fantastic experience the first time he applied, will most likely apply again for a job.
  • Candidates with a positive experience will refer others for job positions.
  • Candidates with a positive experience will spread words of appreciation on their social networks. This will provide a strong boost to your brand.


Tips to Improve Candidate Experience

  • A clear job description will attract more candidates. Give complete information about the role and responsibilities so that candidates know what is expected out of them. 

  • Is your application form very lengthy? When a candidate visits your career page, it is the right time to take hold of him. If you make him fill lengthy job applications, he will not take a moment to leave your website. 

78% of candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people. (1)

      Take the help of AI to meet this challenge. Using a resume parser will let the candidate upload his                  resume, and the parser will update the data fields automatically. It will extract the data from resume            and save in data fields. 

  • Make your website mobile-optimized. Allow the candidates to apply for a job from their mobile. A website responsive to mobile will generate more traffic. 


Can I show you how technology can improve the candidate experience?

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