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August 17, 2017 by dev

Rchilli has continued to maintain its position among the top leaders of CV automation and analytics industry. We keep on writing a wide range of blogs and articles on the new trends of HR industry including up and coming events, any buzzing news as well as information about our product. While writing these blogs, our main aim is to keep our readers stay abreast with the latest know how of resume parser technology. Our articles have been shared by many top websites such as Owler, Recruiting Brief and many more.

Want to know which are the articles that have generated numerous views?

We proudly present our top 5 most viewed articles. Check them out:

Talking about CV automation, this article is a must read for any HR Startup. As a startup, it is quite essential to move into the right direction to survive in the competition. Read this write up to know about 5 reasons which are convincing enough to know why you need to choose the right HR software.

Internet is the need of the hour these days. With the advent of new technology at every blink of the eye, many innovations are ready to knock at our door. In this article, you will read about the advanced categories of IOT related applications. These provide a platform for storing and managing the humongous amount of data in a structured manner.

This article talks about how a job seeker is matched to a job based on his/her personality. We take reference of a post written by the CEO of eHarmony.com on how core skills and behavior of an applicant is evaluated among the team instead of just the supervisor. Emphasize is laid on the areas which play a crucial role in choosing the right fit for the right job.

Want to know more about Rchilli? This article is the answer to all your questions. We talk about what we are, what we do and how we help you grow your business. It’s a good read as it gives an insight into our CV automation and analytics products.

Social media is the new boon in the recruitment process. Check out this article to know how social media helps enterprises in achieving a faster and seamless recruitment process. Rchilli has also incorporated this crucial component into its products to serve its clients efficiently.

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