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CV Automation: Taking Recruitment to the Next Level

February 09, 2021 by Snehil Sharma

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Being a former recruiter, don't you feel good when you post an available job and see tons of potential candidates take interest and apply?

It can also be overwhelming to know that they have to shift through and read every resume and cover letter that comes in. Thanks to the resume parser, now you don't have to spend hours of your valuable time trying to find a perfect candidate.  

Use RChilli resume parser & save time on hiring.

What is Resume/CV Parser?

Resume parser converts free-form online documents into structured sets of data. This all happens through intelligent analysis and extraction of data from resumes. RChilli resume parser can parse a large amount of resumes in a scalable manner. 

This process saves recruiters’ hours every day, allowing them to spend more time on candidate interviewing and engagement programs. Through a resume parser, recruiters can eliminate manual processes and speed up the screening process. 

Impact of Resume Parser on Recruitment 

1. Saves Time

A resume parser saves time and resources by automating the entire candidate data entry process. Instead of entering data manually, the resume parser does it all at once. With the help of a resume parser, recruiters can parse data into the ATS quickly and easily match qualified candidates to jobs.

2. Multiple Formats

Many resume parsers accept a cover letter and resume in a variety of forms. RChilli resume parser is one of them. It parses resumes in all document formats like PDF, DOC, HTML, RTF and DOCX.

3. Easy Integrate with ATS

Resume parser allows easy integration with ATS. Recruiters will be able to access everything they need about the candidate in one place.

4. Reduce Bias

Recruiters can customize a resume parser to omit specific information. A resume parser can exclude the data which you feel can cause bias. Recruiters can easily identify the fields and have the option to enable/disable the data fields as per your requirement. For instance, recruiters can disable fields like age, gender, education, religion, etc.

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5. Enhance Candidate Experience

Nowadays, not providing an impressive candidate experience can affect the branding of the organization  as well. A resume parser can help recruiters facilitate candidates with the quick submission of their application on their career page. Candidates only have to upload their resumes, and the fields will automatically get populated.  

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What Does the Future Hold? 

Resume parser is changing the recruitment game. There are already many AI-driven applications out there, but resume parser is one of the most popular. It will automate the daily tasks of recruiters and free up their time doing more important things. 

Resume parsing technology is getting better and more affordable nowadays. 

What are your future hiring plans? Please share with us. 

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