RChilli's Bulk Import to Boost Your Talent Acquisition

June 14, 2022 by Rohini Sood

Bulk import to boost your talent acquisition

Isn't uploading resumes/JDs one by one time-consuming and cumbersome? You get a resume/job feed from a partner site to add to the predicament. Duh!

Is there a way to remove resumes from the recruitment process, so one gets rid of the challenges attached to them? No, you can't. But there's a way to parse multiple resumes/JDs in a go. All you have to do is upload multiple resumes/JDs to the given FTP, and the extracted information will appear within seconds. RChilli bulk import makes it possible!

Why choose RChilli bulk import?

The advanced feature sets of RChilli extend beyond just managing resumes, sorting them into the database, and searching and matching candidates' skills to a job profile.

Whether small or medium-sized, fast-growing businesses can no longer sit still managing their resumes with old-fashion methods; they need an ATS integrated with modern HRTech solutions such as resume parser, search & match, and taxonomy to streamline the recruitment process instead of just managing resumes.

RChilli bulk import - Benefits

Benefits of RChilli bulk parsing

  • Elimination of manual resume data entry

With RChilli’s phenomenal bulk upload, organizations can automate and accelerate resume processing – enabling businesses to reduce labor costs, and enhance productivity and accuracy. The solution removes the need for manual resume data entry and extraction by automation.

  • Saves time and effort

When you have thousands of resumes/JDs in your database, uploading them in bulk would be your best option to save time and effort. 

  • No coding efforts

With RChilli bulk import, you need not know any coding; all you need is access to RChilli MyAccount, and the rest is taken care of.

  • Lightning-fast parsing speed 

RChilli's average speed of parsing resumes in bulk:

RChillis avg speed of parsing resumes in bulk

  • Shorten the hiring process

It's no secret that finding the best talent can also be daunting and cumbersome. So how can bulk upload shorten the time to hire? With RChilli bulk import, it's easy for recruiters/HRs to screen candidate resumes as they will receive structured data.

With RChilli's advanced resume parsing and AI-powered search and match engine, you can find the top talent faster. Interested?

Log into RChilli MyAccount with your login credentials and parse multiple resumes/JDs in a go.

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