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by Snehil Sharma

I have been working in the recruitment industry for the past few years. In these years, I have observed that the most time-consuming task for any recruiter is screening resumes. But with technology, things are changing rapidly. Before ATS, recruiters had to go through numerous resumes to collect the information and organize them into a detailed structure. This was the only way to find out the best candidate for the organization.

Don't you feel that after a point, the recruiter would get exhausted from these repetitive tasks and prone to human errors? With all this cluttered information and messed up database, I believe it is hard for HR professionals or recruiters to make a quick and efficient decision while recruiting.

Now the question is how recruiters can efficiently hire the perfect fit for the organization?

Thanks to technology, we have a tool like a resume parser, which helps ATS, job boards, and enterprises parse a large amount of resumes in a scalable manner.  Let's understand more about this tool.


What is Resume Parsing? 

Resume parsing technology allows recruiters to parse resumes online and structure the information by intelligently extracting data. Recruiters and HR professionals can get more productive by using automated parsing, matching, and scoring systems and get perfect candidates in a fraction of time.

It also enhances the recruitment process by improving the candidate experience by 85% and recruiters' productivity by 80% through the power of AI and NLP.

Unique Features of RChilli Resume Parsing

  1. Multi-Lingual 

    An amazing feature of the RChilli resume parser is that it supports multiple languages. Currently, we parse in 40+ languages*Our resume parser auto-identifies the language of the resume and extracts the information easily.
  2. Configurable Data Fields

    With this unique feature, recruiters can easily choose resume data fields for which they require results. RChilli resume parser allows users to disable data fields that can cause bias e.g. name, gender, age, etc. 

Learn more about Our Configuration Features

3. Email Inbox Parsing

This feature allows recruiters and HR professionals to fetch resumes from single or multiple emails

4. Bulk Upload

RChilli resume parser allows the user to parse multiple resumes in a go and extracts information in seconds.  

5. Document Template Creation

Receiving resumes in different formats is quite common. RChilli’s intelligent resume parser understands the templates and parses the data easily. It saves the output in a document template to add uniformity.  

6. Management/Executive Summary Creation

It creates an executive or management summary so that recruiters can easily evaluate candidates by a single read.

Amazing Benefits of RChilli Resume Parser

With these amazing benefits, discover the transformative impact of RChilli's Resume Parser on your recruiting process.

  1. Save Time

    When RChilli helps you parse resumes, your recruiting efficiency will increase. It will eliminate the manual work, and recruiters can use their time in more strategic tasks.
  2. Better Candidate Experience

    It offers the candidate auto-fill forms to apply to a job post in a single go. This will enhance candidate experience by up to 85% and Increase candidate conversion by up to 194%.
  3. Enhance Search Results 

    Our resume parser enhances the search results by indexing its taxonomy ontologies to Solr/Elasticssearch.
  4. Remove Unconscious Bias 

    This is an excellent benefit of the RChilli resume parser that promotes bias-free recruitment. It’s configurable data fields help recruiters to enable/disable data fields that can cause bias. 


Parsing technology continues to improve and become more affordable, making it an essential tool for modern recruitment. RChilli stands out by offering the best pricing for its resume parser, complete with customized plans tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. By choosing RChilli, you can achieve remarkable results, enhance your recruiting efficiency, and significantly increase your ROI.

Do you use modern recruitment tools? If not, you're missing out on the best tool which can enhance your recruitment process. Schedule a call with us and know how RChilli helps you to make your life easy.

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