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Turn This Pandemic into an Opportunity with RChilli

Turn This Pandemic into an Opportunity with RChilli (1)

The world is witnessing the impact of COVID-19. No one is certain about how much and how long the impact of the pandemic will last. Working from home is getting in trend these days. 

How are you managing to find the perfect candidate with limited resources in hand?

In this crucial time, RChilli cares for you and promises to stand by its commitment to offer the best services to its customers. 

Let’s see how RChilli’s intelligent solutions can help HR professionals in finding the right talent, even when they are working remotely.

  • Resume Parser

    RChilli 8.0.0 offers a more compatible, trusted, and scalable resume parser. Now, there are 140+ data fields in which the parser can extract resume data. Also, you will see a remarkable improvement in the JSON structure.

  • Search & Match Engine

    Search & Match Engine v2.0  gives you the power to search and match candidates and jobs with great flexibility. There are four types of matching: 

    • Resume to Jobs

    • Job to Resumes

    • Resume to Resumes

    • Job to Jobs

  • Taxonomy 3.0

    It offers a comprehensive collection of skills and job profiles, along with their related information. Taxonomy 3.0 delivers amazing use cases to users that will bring incredible transformation in the resume/job search. The latest version offers 41000+ skills, 27,000+ Job profiles, and users can also define their taxonomies and add them to the list. 

  • JD Parser 3.0

    RChilli JD extracts the job description information from the data and then matches it with the requirement to find the perfect fit for you. This all happens in real-time through an agile API interface.

Every recruitment process has a few challenges, like matching the right skill to job openings, slow hiring, etc. It is tougher at the time of crisis like COVID-19 while maintaining social distancing. RChilli understands better how HR professionals are feeling right now. To make your life easy, work with intelligent solutions that will fasten your recruitment process.

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