7 Proven Strategies to Update Superficial & Outdated Hiring Practices

February 21, 2022 by Aanchal Sharma

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Employers all around are struggling to make the perfect hires, all thanks to the great resignation that has left millions of job openings. The staffing shortage has taken a toll on the recruiters’ routine to adapt to the new world reality of fishing out potential candidates.

Working in synergy with the changing trends, it’s worth mentioning that the situation is taking a turn for the better. One inevitable fact is that the recruiting methodologies should be ever-evolving. So we’ve compiled a list of challenges and their solutions that could help recruiters hire better.  

The Major Challenges Recruiters Will Face

The recruitment industry is yet to recover from the slump caused by the pandemic. Now that we’ve entered 2022, it perhaps will be better, but there are still many cracks to fill. The ever-rising vacant chairs, speedy hirings, and the struggle to retain good employers are just a few of the many challenges. Few others include:

  • Approximately 72.8% recruiters struggle to find quality candidates

  • Nearly 17% of recruiters don’t know or track their average cost per hire

  • 20.8% recruiters find it challenging to keep up with the candidates demands

  • 64% candidates shares negative application experience with friends

  • 27% of candidates actively dissuades others from applying in the same company

  • 60% of job applicants quit an application process mid way because of the length and complexity.

Source: Jobadder, Yello, The Future of Jobs Report, Retorio.com, Hirevue.com, Cbsnews.com 

The other major recruitment challenges the recruiters will tackle in 2022 cover:

  • Challenge 1: A Dearth in the Talent

One of the most talked-about recruitment topics is the shortage of talented professionals. There are many recruiters facing trouble filling up positions. Hiring ad-hoc employees is directly proportional to a decline in the company revenue.

According to the report by Korn Ferry, more than 85 million jobs would be unfilled by 2030. And, as opposed to what many have been claiming about automation taking over humans, the true reason would be the absence of skilled professionals worthy of taking up the jobs.

  • Challenge 2: A Job Post That Fails To Attract The Prospective Audience

Another biggest challenge for the recruiters is to seize the attention of the right candidates. One of the major reasons contributing to the problem is that the job description doesn’t speak of your requirements clearly. 

The primary goal of any recruiter should be to improve positive candidate experience. Not having clarity in the job descriptions would bar a candidate’s ability to understand the scope of the job.

  • Challenge 3: Re-starting the Recruitment Procedure

Let’s agree; the recruitment procedure is no cakewalk. It’s lengthy and elaborate, with different stages involved. Imagine having to go through each after just a few days or a month of recruiting a candidate. Restarting the hiring process from scratch can be a big pain, especially when the recruiter has to scroll through hundreds of old resumes to fish out the next best candidate for the job.

  • Challenge 4: Engaging Talented Candidates

Now that the pandemic is slowly fading away, the number of candidates looking for job opportunities is increasing. This means that the recruiters are going in for a fierce battle to win the attention of a skilled candidate.

They also have to engage the interest of the prospective candidate throughout the recruitment process. Let’s not forget, brand value is what will attract the candidate to your job and maintaining that is the challenge.  

  • Challenge 5: Ascertaining a Positive Candidate Experience

Ascertaining a positive candidate experience is challenging not just for the already existing workforce but also for the new hires.

The lengthy job application forms are a reason why most candidates leave applying to the job mid way. A candidate can’t afford to invest minutes on one application form. Things get frustrating especially when he/she is asked to fill in the details already mentioned in the resume. 

How to Get Started & Face These Challenges

Efficient recruiting begins with recruiters doing their homework and being good researchers. When high volume recruiting is involved, conventional practices like manual resume screening or taking 2-3 days in calling the candidates for the next round will not lead to potential results. 

Kristen Dunn, the VP of HR type, who’s led HR practices in Fortune 500s and venture capital-held start-ups, happens to share a similar perspective as far as conventional recruiting practices are concerned

Kris Dunn on Automating recruiting

That is where AI driven resume parser comes to play. Deploying a resume parser can be a good strategy to diversify the talent pool by leveraging the technical advancement to enrich the candidate database.

There are numerous #hrtrends ruling the 2022 charts, some of which include:

recruitment trends-2

Source: Linked in, Builtin.com, SHRM 

Let’s dig deep into the strategies that can enhance the recruitment process:

  • Tip 1: Emphasize on Diverse Hiring & Avoid Biases

Companies now are more than ever focusing on a diverse workforce. As a matter of fact, giving it prominence when revamping the hiring process is a great idea.   

Cecelia Harris, the Senior Human Resources Consultant with HR Consulting firm Arc Human Capital, says, That’s a big item that everybody is addressing right now.” She further adds, “If you go to any kind of job board, everybody is trying to hire a diversity, equity, and inclusion person,” or they are at least mentioning those words in job descriptions.”

According to Quartz, nearly 60% of recruiters decide whether to call a candidate for the next round or not in 15 minutes. The more-experienced ones, however, take even less time. 

Believe it or not, each recruiter is way more biased than they think they are. Even though numerous interviews help take care of the element of biasness, automating the process nevertheless enhances the results.

AI-driven RChilli resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange helps the recruiters select better by giving them the option to select the skills and profiles that they would otherwise overlook. 

Blind resume screening, a term we’re sure most recruiters must be familiar with, is possible only with automation in the backend. RChilli resume parser helps enable/disable the fields according to the selection criteria. Choosing the essential information over the non-essential ones improves the quality of the hire from the screening process. It helps the recruiters save ample of their valuable time manually screening the resumes.

  • Tip 2: Give Importance to Employee Referrals

You never know; the right candidate might be sitting right under your nose. An employee referral program, thus, can be a great asset to your recruitment strategy & business. If the metric report for 2021 recruiting by Career Plug is to be believed, one of the best sources for hiring great candidates is via employee referrals. In fact, the candidates who come through these referrals are 13 times more likely to become hired than those who come through job boards. 

Another reason employee referrals can be a good choice is that an employee already knows the company and its expectations from the candidates. This reduces the recruiter’s time invested in vetting the candidates and gauging their interests.

  • Tip 3: Global Hiring

The U.S. recruitment industry is marred by the problem of a skills gap. Because maximum workers are working remotely, companies have realized that they can’t restrict to local talent. Having access to talented candidates across the globe gives them leverage over their competitors.

Expanding the reach signifies that a recruiter can select from a huge talent pool to pick that one candidate who fits all the right skills boxes. This is probably why many companies are not willing to go back to the conventional brick-and-mortar approach.

However, many would think that hiring globally would incur extra salary expenses since they’d have to hire someone to scrutinize the resumes each time. Vinay Johar, the CEO of RChilli says,

“RChilli’s resume parser in Salesforce is designed to parse multiple multi-lingual resumes. This means that a recruiter can hire employees from different countries with a one-time configuration setup. There are nearly 30+ languages that the parser can process the resumes in, like English, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, German, Spanish, and Hebrew, to name a few.”   

  • Tip 4: Build a Great Brand Image & Enhance Positive Candidate Experience

The recruiters and the company need to know that the job seekers look to work at a company that values its employees.

One of the ways to spread positive news about your company is through the career page. It can be a perfect channel to market your brand and get the candidates talking about how they would grow professionally.  

Candidates judge a company from the first step, i.e., applying for the job post. If the process is complicated and asks him/her to spend time filling in the details already mentioned in the resume, it leaves a negative impression. Making the job application process easy is the first step towards building trust. RChilli resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange offers the one-click application process that helps the potential candidates apply to the job fast.

It not only makes the candidate’s experience brilliant and decreases the candidate drop-off rate, but also strengthens your brand image. Naturally, your call-back time reduces from 3-4 days to 1 day and you can hire the ideal candidates faster than your competitors. 

All he/she needs to do is upload the resume and apply to the post. Believe us, candidates speak about it.

  • Tip 5: Engage Passive Candidates

According to a report by LinkedIn, nearly 70% of professionals fall under the passive candidate’s category. So, even though they are working somewhere, they still won’t mind switching if you offer them a better opportunity.

Even though it would deem challenging to connect with these professionals, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be included in your campaigns. One of the best ways is to maintain a candidate database. Keep sharing relevant industry updates so that they can get engaged, and you get to stay in their minds.

RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce AppExchange: Other Ways It Brings A Constructive Change To The Recruitment Process

Recruitment trends keep changing, and staying in sync with them is what’ll give you a competitive edge. RChilli resume parser, a blend of native lightning with a configurable UI, provides a new direction to the candidate selection approach.

The parser allows the Salesforce users to integrate the intelligent AI-enabled capabilities in the recruitment environment. Also:

  1. Auto-fill Data Fields in Salesforce

The intuitive software automatically populates 140+ data fields according to the selection criteria like skills, education, experience, and more. The recruiters are spared from the tedious manual data entry tasks including skimming through each resume, sorting the candidates that match the selection criteria, and then calling them for the next round. This not only increases the chances of errors but also adds a touch of biased approach. Automating the process, however, saves them many valuable hours, brings in accuracy while sorting the resumes, and enhances the chances of skilled recruiting.   

  1. Bulk Import

The applicant information extracting software gives recruiters access to the structured data from different resume sets. The recruiters can parse multiple resumes in a go and receive information automatically stored in Salesforce. 

  1. Email Inbox Integration

RChilli resume parser saves the recruiters from losing the talented candidates who prefer sharing their CVs on different official email Ids. The one-time configuration setup helps fetch and parse resumes from multiple email inboxes.


Beginning 2022 was deemed the year of ‘the end of the great attrition.’ The changes these two years brought in the recruitment industry have become a stepping stone for the latest strategies. One of the most important is the inclusion of a resume parser.

Of course, hiring strategies need to be re-defined, but with automation at the backend, the job will only become more effortless and more perfect. If the recruiter in your company or you yourself are struggling to crack the perfect hiring code, let’s talk and find a solution.


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