Beat 2024 Hiring Challenges with RChilli Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions

by Aanchal Sharma

As we’re entering a new year, one thing that hasn’t changed is the level of challenge recruiters face in filling open positions. Many Oracle HCM cloud recruiters and organizations use automated solutions with functionality that somehow, despite the claims, don’t allow them to fully meet these challenges.

RChilli Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions for 2024 hiring

Now that 2024 is around the corner, it’s important to discuss beforehand- what do organizations need to take into consideration as they shortlist candidates, and how should Oracle HCM solutions address these challenges?

This is the time to reflect, reset and change!

Recruiter’s Candidate Selection Journey So Far

Let me kick things off by presenting a common scenario. You need to hire a new employee to fill a vacant role.

Now, we all know what comes next...

  1. Mass amount of applications
  2. Reviewing each resume

  3. Figuring out which candidate is relevant to the job

  4. Most importantly, getting that candidate data into Oracle

Traditionally, there were only two ways to shift that candidate data into Oracle:

  1. Enter the information manually,

  2. Secondly, you select a third-party Oracle resume parsing solution.

Here’s the thing, this still doesn’t solve all the challenges. Most resume parsers only provide basic contact information. So, in the end, the recruiters are entering the rest of the data manually anyway.

I know I'm not telling you anything you didn’t already know, but, what have you done to avoid facing the challenges of the past year?

Automating the recruitment process is important, but making the right choice about the automation tool is what underlines the difference between a good hiring and a GREAT hiring.

The Solution

RChilli built a solution specifically for Oracle, that is:

- Easy to use

- Easy to implement

- Trusted & recommended by Oracle

While we commit to handle it all for you, here’s a brief synopsis into each of the solutions for you:

Overcoming the Recruitment Challenges in 2024 with RChilli Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions

RChilli Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions

  • Data Migration

Companies avoid shifting to a new platform, fearing the loss of valuable candidate data. Plus, making the move can be cumbersome and expensive. Enterprises, thus, settle with an inferior system that hampers their hiring process.

RChilli's data migration service provides users with a seamless solution for transferring data from legacy platforms to the current system.

The process ensures that data is successfully migrated without any technical glitches and enhances and enriches it using an advanced Resume/JD parser. The solution maps the data as per the new data location and shares a detailed analytical report after complete data evaluation.

Read the blog if you want to know more about seamless data migration in Oracle recruiting

  • Candidate Profile Import

The next biggest feature is the candidate profile import. The intuitive resume parser for Oracle Cloud recruiting, when integrated with websites that have the profile import feature, parse resumes in any format.

The app enables mapping the resume data to Oracle HCM fields automatically. It helps the recruiters get access to the more advanced talent pool.

Designed with the functionality to parse resumes in different languages, the recruiters can experience a substantial increase in productivity and the ability to recruit talented and skilled people without any bias.

The web-based plugin takes only 30 min installation time and comes with a 30-day proof of contact.

  • Data Reprocessing

The most important asset of an organization is its candidate data. RChilli understands that switching from one system to another often results in companies losing valuable data since only a few files get parsed.

The data reprocessing feature populates all the 30 fields Oracle offers regardless of the resume format. The goal is to populate the complete candidate data in the system into a searchable format after upgrading to a newer version. 

Oracle customers can seamlessly migrate data structures from one ERP to the same ERP without any technical glitches. The data structure will be reprocessed according to the newer version and saved in the same ERP, keeping the migration safe and secure. 

  • Redaction & Templatization

Talk about improving diversity and promoting skilled candidate hiring and RChilli’s redactor gets the job done easily.

Personal information on a resume like name, gender, candidate's image, etc. can impact an organization's hiring decisions in unconscious ways.

RChilli Resume Redactor helps in removing unconscious bias from the recruitment process by allowing recruiters to select candidates based on skills and experience. It also helps the recruiting agencies in masking resumes before sending them to the employer. Recruiters shortlist candidates based on skills and capabilities rather than biased parameters.

Templatization feature on the other hand ensures that the resumes are templatized in a common format, reducing the likelihood of biased language and image influencing perceptions. This too allows recruiters to emphasize key aspects of the job requirements consistently, making it easier to hire candidates who are skilled and not prejudiced.

  • Taxonomy

Recruiters across Oracle HCM recruiting cloud face a common problem- limited number of qualified resumes. However, the root cause of the problem is that your AI-driven solution ignores candidates who don’t use profile names that the system picks.

Every parser in the market has a taxonomy, and they focus on two areas, skills to Skill and job titles to job titles.

At RChilli, we take our taxonomy a notch up. Because we’re parsing millions of job descriptions a year, we realize that a job description for a specific job title requires diverse skills. Hence, we also offer a taxonomy for Job titles to skills.   

We update the taxonomy every two weeks and boast of having over 18 million different values. The mature taxonomy gives the recruiter access to a list of skills & makes candidates searchable in the database.

  • Bulk Profile Import

RChilli’s bulk profile import is a powerful tool designed to streamline the resume upload process for recruiters using Oracle Cloud Recruiting. With this innovative extension, recruiters can effortlessly select and upload single or multiple resumes directly from their browser, eliminating the need for manual file searches and uploads.

The extension seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud Recruiting, ensuring a smooth transfer of resume data. Once uploaded, the RChilli system automatically processes the resumes, extracting vital information and saving the recruiter's valuable time.

Recruiters have the flexibility to review and edit the extracted data before synchronizing it with Oracle Cloud Recruiting, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Summing It Up

Talent acquisition and sourcing come with challenges that are a part of the package. Nevertheless, it’s the intelligent AI-driven parsing solution that can make all the difference to the hiring process.

With RChilli’s Oracle HCM Cloud solutions, you’ll benefit from the features engineered by the best minds of the industry to help you overcome some of the most challenging aspects of the hiring industry.

Did we pique your interest in beating the challenges that loom your hiring practices in coming 2024? Speak to our solution expert to see how else we can help you better.

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