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Redefining Applicant Tracking

you need a magnet to attract candidates but how will that be possible amid distractions from other companies to snatch the same talent.

Candidates now control the hiring. They pick jobs carefully based on feedback mustered online, read reviews on Glassdoor or LinkedIn before accepting job offers and compare their salaries before onboarding with sites like salary.com, payscale, indeed and more…

What my point here is, we just cannot miss engagement with the right applicant. We’ve to be there, where candidates are.

Today’s ATS are not just limited to tracking applicants but way ahead of it. Whether it is distributing jobs through Social Media, getting Engagement happen for HR managers and finally making smooth onboarding.

Here’s the list of Top ATS’s for Startups. Courtesy of Hire Nurture and Ongig blog.


ATS for startups Top ATS used by startups

Interestingly 6.4% of market share belongs to companies who are using their own homegrown ATS system. Infact, a huge amount of time can be spared by these big Enterprises, if they prefer to choose an add-on or RPO.

Though most preferred ATS’s are either cloud or web based but hosting options are also available. More features like Social Recruiting, Screening, Branding, Mass email campaigns, Reporting, Time & Attendance are also vouched for.

Suddenly, we can see lot players entering into this competitive market of HR software solutions and trying hard to be seen as different and unique software. But is it always, a different software is a good software? That’s where the evaluation of software matters.

Apart from sourcing the best talent, ATS is expected to do a lot of other stuff also that follows:

  1. Review and manage the candidates applications.
  2. Parsing and Analyzing CV’s
  3. Sourcing job applications
  4. Unleashing the best CV’s for open positions.
  5. LAST and the most important one, streamlining the job applications and enhancing the collaboration among team members to hire fast.

Do you know? Companies who use ATS are 40% more likely to be “best in class”. Source Aberdeen Group.

Having an efficient ATS can stop applicants abandoning your applications. According to CareerBuilder survey, this drop off and drop out rate is almost 60% for most companies.

We’ve to see ATS from the perspective of Candidates, Recruiter, and Companies.

A) Candidates- Applicant should be delighted to fill forms. The application process should not be complex instead super-easy to fill and apply. It should only include relevant steps or fields. Also, applicants should not feel any hassle to fill forms via mobile. ATS should be made career websites friendly, and data import should be swift. The entire Recruiting process should be in sync with ATS.

B) Recruiter- Employer branding and positioning are the two most important objectives for Recruiters apart from searching the right person for job. As they’re representing the organization, ATS must give them the tools to put the best foot forward. The system should give them the interface to scrutinize applications faster and sift through them easily. Recruiters should take the responsibility of sending timely replies to candidates whether they are selected or not. Most of the job seekers complain about not hearing back from the recruiters after interview, which puts dent on the employer branding efforts.

C) Companies- We need a more sophisticated and nimble process for applying, posting and distributing jobs. No matter from where the application starts, the system should be designed to welcome candidates, give him the finest of user experience while applying on the employer career center. There should not be any disconnect between the process and desired outcome that mainly ATS tends to overcome.

The application process is a directly reflects how a company is being managed or function. Having an ATS in place meticulously handles online applications and gives candidates, strong reasons to apply for the job.

The applications should not take more than a minute or so to apply for jobs. The websites should give multi-options to jobseekers to apply via LinkedIn or Auto-fill information straight from resumes.

ATS stand there to deliver attention that job seekers seek, jobs they prefer otherwise, Information Recruiters want to jot, easiness that hiring requires and in the end, best profiles matching the job descriptions.

If lately, you’re looking for an ATS solution, do let us know. We might get you the best deal during ongoing holidays. Feel free to add your thoughts in comments section below to better understand the role of ATS in evolving Recruitment practices.