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Resume Parser & JD Parser: Perfect Solutions for Easy Recruitment

Hire the Best Fit Through Resume Parser, JD Parser.png

Technology has, undoubtedly, revolutionized the Recruitment Industry. Yet, recruiters struggle to find the best fit and desperately vouch for talent even before they start looking for jobs. This is called pro-active recruiting.

So, what tools you have in your armor? This will ponder us towards the solutions or software that you may have been currently using for Recruiting. Be it Resume Parser, Applicant Tracking Software, Video Interview Tools, Human Capital Management Suite or other ERP vendors.

Recruitment has become a game of maze where getting to the right talent first and fast is of utmost importance. We, being a recruiter, have to be specific when it comes to skills. Though we can be liberal on the intangible aspects of recruiting, be it appearance, demeanor, attitude or body language. Also, skill matching is considered to be a herculean task in hiring.

Let us now understand how resume parser can solve this challenge without making any alterations to the current recruitment software or solution in place.

  • An efficient resume parser not just brings the right information from resumes but also helps in sorting them as per the job requirement. The segregation of fields can get you right candidates faster.

  • Categorization of fields written on resumes is also important when it comes to reading thousand of resumes in a day.

  • Information carved out of CV’s should readily be populated in database connected and the data loss should be minimal or to say the best, nil.

Here, in this particular situation, Job Description parser de facto JD parser can remove this pain easily. Let the description of a job tells you which are the right CV’s for this role and how ranking them can help you choose out the only-best in them. The issue that recruiters currently face is Skill Gap and average matching. Both can cripple any existing recruitment system.

RChilli’s Resume Parser and JD Parser can help recruiters with both the above-mentioned issues. Resume Parser extracts relevant information from the resumes including skills, their alias and most popularly known allied terms in their family. For example, if you look for Sales Manager, you may get profiles matching business development and revenue generation.

The two main challenges of recruitment are matching right skills to open jobs and slow hiring process. Clearly, we both have championed these two areas with resume parser and JD parser. With both comes the power of CV Automation. Parse more, know more, match better, find faster, think intelligent and hire only the best fits. We’re definitely up for this challenge. Now the turn is yours to increase your current hiring capabilities to manifold using automation. Come and hire with the difference. For best deals and customized quotes, contact our sales desk now.