Resume Parser & JD Parser: Perfect Solutions for Easy Recruitment

October 14, 2020 by Snehil Sharma


Don't you feel that the world has undergone a seismic shift in the past few months? Almost overnight, the needs of organizations have changed drastically. Have you ever imagined in late 2019 that a large part of the world would be under voluntary lockdown? 

Undoubtedly, in this duration, technology has revolutionized every industry, and recruitment is also a  part of this. Recruiters still struggle to find the perfect fit for the organization. So, what tools should they have in their armor? 

This will ponder us towards the solutions or software that you may have been currently using for recruiting. Be it Resume Parser, Applicant Tracking Software, Video Interview Tools, Human Capital Management Suite, or other ERP vendors.

But the question is how RChilli's intelligent solutions can help you in streamlining your recruiting process? 

Let me show you the magic of RChilli's resume parser and JD parser.

A resume parser is an excellent innovation of technology. There are many surprising features of a parser that can easily help you to attain remarkable results. 

a) Parses All Types of Document Format

Imagine what would happen when you receive resumes in a different format? How difficult it would be for recruiters, isn't it?  But with the help of RChilli resume parser, recruiters can extract data, no matter in which format they receive it (whether in HTML, pdf, doc, etc.). 

b) Switch On/Off Fields:

RChilli resume parser has the power to remove bias from the hiring process. It offers recruiters an option to switch on/off only those fields for which they require information. It reduces the processing time of resumes and fastens the recruiting process.

c) Executive/Management Summary Creation

Through this feature, RChilli resume parser helps recruiters evaluate a candidate just by reading the executive summary. In short, it provides recruiters a synopsis of candidates' resumes.  

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What is the foremost step in hiring? The answer to this question is a clear job description. I believe candidates will apply for the jobs only if the job description is compelling and clear. But how does RChilli JD parser help you in this? Let’s find out

a) Job Feed Synchronization

 RChilli's JD parser helps HR professionals extract the parameters from a job description and get all the job information from the job feeds in a structured format. 

b) Bulk Parsing

With the help of RChilli, JD parser HR professionals to parse multiple job descriptions in one go. 

c) Email Inbox Integration

Through this feature, JD parser allows HR professionals to parse job descriptions from single or multiple email inboxes. 

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Technology innovations are taking place at every point. Have faith in your ability to adapt to the changes and balance your work-life. Match better, hire faster and parse more with RChilli. 

Want to hire with a difference?

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