5 Incredible Features Of Our Resume Parser That You Don't Want To Miss

December 06, 2021 by Vinay Johar

Top 5 Unique Features of our Resume Parser

When an organization posts a job opening, isn’t it thrilling to see lots of prospective candidates take notice and apply?

It can be overwhelming to filter through and read every resume that comes in. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours scrutinizing the resumes and waste your precious time trying to find that one application that fits the job description. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a  resume parser.

As an HR professional, it’s normal to use resume parsing software, typically a part of an Applicant Tracking Systems software (ATS).

Resume/CV parsing software is designed to automate collecting, analyzing, and sorting resumes. It helps recruiters streamline the overview and applicant screening process and find the right talent quicker.

50% of workers use some form of AI

AI-powered Resume Parsing Software of RChilli

RChilli Resume Parser uses deep learning algorithms merged with advanced NLP to screen the most complex resumes. 

The innovative HRTech plugin picks up resumes from multiple sources and extracts information into 140+ data fields.

Let me share the secret of why our parser is one of the leaders in the HR Tech industry. Here are some of the resume parsing features:

Our resume parser supports parsing in 30+ languages. It auto-identifies the languages of resumes and extracts the data. There is no requirement for a separate configuration.

There is an option to enable/disable data fields as per your requirement.

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  • Configurable Data Fields

Configurable data fields are an excellent feature to use to eliminate bias from your recruitment process. 

Suppose you are looking at evaluating candidates solely on their skills and experience. So, therefore, you can disable the fields related to their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as name, age, gender, marital status, DOB, candidate image, etc.

The magic of this feature is that it gives no place to favoritism or preference and helps in shortlisting the deserving candidates.

With the bulk import feature of our resume parser, you can easily import millions of resumes overnight. Bulk import is the perfect option if you are getting a resume feed from a partner site or other resume data sets.

This feature allows you to parse multiple resumes in a go. All you need to do is upload several resumes to the given FTP, and you will receive the extracted information in seconds.

  • Document Summary Creation

Document summary is the process of creating a brief and precise summary of a lengthy document.

Creating such a document aims to summarize a large amount of data having crucial details explaining the entire text.

Our resume parser can create an executive or management summary. As a recruiter, you can evaluate a candidate by reading this summary. Customize it by choosing the fields per your requirement and getting an overview accordingly.

Won't it be easy if you could automatically obtain resumes from several email inboxes? Sure, it would be!

Our resume parser helps the users fetch data from various email inboxes at once. Email inbox integration allows users to parse resumes or jobs from single or multiple email inboxes.

This feature requires a quick one-time setup. What’s more? It also fetches data from scanned resumes, making it easy for the recruiters to shortlist candidates.

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