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3 Must-have Indispensable Tools Recruiters Must Use

February 27, 2017 by dev

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What can be a better scenario than having the right person to do the right job?

Let’s have a look at how WONDERFUL THIS SOUNDS.

‘ABC’ Company wanted a Marketing Manager.

              ‘A’ was hired, and his expertise and skills increased the leads and sales by 40 % within two months of his hiring.


But is it this easy? Is it plausible to hire so efficiently with the changing trends and innovations in the HR field evolving every few months?

We all wish the screening process was as effortless as summarizing the entire process in these lines. But it isn’t.

The very next question that strikes our minds is how to make it effortless. Today it is impossible for all HR firms, staffing agencies, HR Recruiters to ignore the lucrative options the technology offers. The strategic management of every enterprise, HR Firms, and staffing company cannot adopt the same methodology. But there are some techniques, solutions available in the market which they can grab to speed up their selection process.

To simplify the very first step of the screening process, three software products for ATS, Job Boards, staffing firms, individual firms, etc. are

  • Resume Parser
  • Job Description Parser
  • Social Analytics


Reviewing candidates' resumes is the first step HR Recruiter do. They need an automated tool to do these tasks. This is exactly what Resume Parser does. Segregating the information from the resume of the candidate into different fields, the data is sifted and sorted. At a single click, it retrieves the relevant information. It provides you the option to upload the resume directly from your email inbox and also allows bulk upload.


Job descriptions are the next essential part of any hiring process. Job descriptions are given by the candidate to the employer and by the employer to the candidate. Both are equally important. But what’s more important than anything else is that both the roles performed by the candidate and the roles that the job demands should match.

JD Parser is a tool that aids the recruiter to have a quick look at the job roles already performed by the candidate to ensure that the most desirable person with relevant experience in the field is hired.

JD of MM

The candidate has already performed tasks like developing strategies, managing campaigns, writing reports, and media marketing. Once JD Parser lists the Job Descriptions, the recruiter can match these roles easily with the checklist of job descriptions required for the position within a few seconds.


Another very important tool to screen the most suitable candidate is Social Analytics. Qualifications, work experience, skills form essential requirements for hiring a person. But another essential basis is to consider the person’s social skills and work ethics.

Let’s take an example of two people applying for the same position.

Social Parser

Comparing Candidate ‘A’ and Candidate ‘B’, ‘B’ scores 1.6% more than ‘A’ in Graduation and 1% more in Post-Graduation. Also, ‘B’ has one year more experience than ‘A’.

Candidate B might be the first choice of every hiring manager with higher score and more years of experience. But when we consider their social connections and work ethics, Candidate A’s work methodology and team work have built the company’s reputation and social standing in the market within a few months of his hiring considerably. Whereas analyzing B’s experience, we notice he frequently switched jobs every second year.

Which candidate will you hire after analyzing him through Social Media?

HR Technologies now make this process automated as well. The information on the CV can be compared with their true personalities through their public profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Their work behavior like gap periods in work experiences, work history and skills added can be easily judged by looking them on Social Networks.

“Getting the right people in the right job is a lot more important than developing a strategy” - Jack Welch.

This stands clearly defined because once you have the right people doing the right job, they will develop the right strategy as well. Ask yourself if you still want to use the age-old, time-consuming methods or ‘IS IT WORTH INVESTING IN THESE AUTOMATED TOOLS RIGHT AWAY?’

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