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How an ATS can hire faster and smarter with AI?


The current recruitment system calls for a smart and strategic process. An applicant tracking system brings uniformity in the entire hiring structure and helps recruiters by reducing hiring time. But can an ATS work efficiently without using any latest technology? Right, this is where artificial intelligence kicks in to help an ATS deliver quality results.

AI has now become an essential element of HR technology. This automation is designed to eliminate sorting out resumes manually. Check out this article to know how AI empowers an ATS for quick hiring.

Why Every Recruiter Needs an ATS?

Managing numerous resumes from various sources is a herculean task. Recruiters need a simplified solution which can streamline the entire recruitment process and help them in taking quick hiring decisions. An applicant tracking system is just the right solution if you are looking at

  • Having an organized system in place
  • Having filtered candidates’ profiles
  • Having excellent hiring quality
  • Having an effective database
  • Connecting passive candidates

To sum up, an ATS removes all bottlenecks in the traditional recruiting methods by making recruitment more systematized.

When the Numbers Talk
Let us look at some data which shows how AI is beneficial for recruiters:
Around 15% of HR leaders from 40 countries report AI and automation have already made great impact on their workplace plans.

40% say they expect artificial intelligence to affect the plans they have for the next 2 to 5 years.
Source: gethppy

Research firm IDC shows the market for A.I. will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to $47 billion by 2020.  Source: inc

Benefits of AI for ATS

Initially, recruiters were a bit skeptical about using artificial intelligence as they feared automation might result in unemployment. But with its numerable advantages, recruiters are now looking for ATS who are well-equipped with AI.

Here are a few areas which can be expedited with AI:

Resume Scanning
A major problem faced by recruiters is that they miss on many relevant resumes while going through so many applications. A resume parser software can sort out thousands of resumes in a couple of seconds. Without an effective tracking system in place, scanning resumes will be quite a tedious task for recruiters. However, a resume parser is the best solution to this challenge.

Candidate Screening
AI does a quick screening of candidates with the help of its Artificial Intelligence tool. It filters out candidates who are not suitable for the job position and keeps those whose experience and qualifications are relevant. This eliminates the need of going through resumes one by one and narrowing down your search.

Better Candidate Experience
An applicant tracking system which uses automation gives an excellent user experience to candidates. Messy interfaces, filling up lengthy forms and complicated login parameters are always annoying. Candidates tend to leave websites which have these drawbacks. Recruiters choose an ATS which provides short forms to fill in and informs candidates about their application status automatically.


We see a complete transformation in the recruitment industry with the arrival of latest technology. An effective applicant tracking system with various AI tools can save a lot of time of recruiters and reduces their unnecessary workload. Thus, for a seamless system in place, it is very important for an ATS to adopt latest AI solutions.

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