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Watch an Exclusive Interview with Chris Cella, VP-Product Management, GR8 People, sharing his experience on working with RChilli

An amazing video that explains why GR8 People consider us as their trusted partner.

It feels great that we are fulfilling the expectations of our customers. Every word that Chris says about us, motivates us to add more quality and innovation to our products.

We feel happy that GR8 People could make quick and relevant candidate recommendations to recruiters through our resume parser.

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Case Study - GR8 People Offering GR8 Talent Through RChilli

GR8 People needed resume data that could be easily understood by the recruiters.

After using RChilli’s resume parser, GR8 People

  • Delivers value to customers 
  • Achieves a scalable mechanism to get fielded resume data 
  • Offers an amazing recruiter experience

Download this case study to know how GR8 People delivered value to its customers through a trusted resume parser.

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Customer Speaks - Why GR8 People Feels that RChilli is Amazing?

The greatest satisfaction in business is customer satisfaction.
RChilli is committed towards delivering quality service to its customers. We feel proud that our customers trust us and consider us as their partner and not just a vendor.
GR8 People is one of our prestigious customers. Here are the reasons that make GR8 People trust RChilli.

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About GR8 People

GR8 People is the most powerful recruiting software on the market today. They have built an enterprise-ready platform that brings together the ATS, CRM, career site, plus the best AI has to offer, and the expert integrations you need to attract, engage, hire and retain the world’s best talent. 

With its one-experience talent platform, the company powers recruiters’ performance across the entire hiring lifecycle.

It has more than one million users in 75+ countries. The company boasts of 98% customer retention rate with 300K+ hires.




Chris Cella

VP-Product Management, GR8 People

“Working with RChilli has been a wonderful experience. Our team is impressed by its consistent, round-the-clock customer support.”

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