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Do You Really Need a CV Parser?

CV Parsing Do you really need it?

Recruiters face a challenge with the data that they are faced each and every day. Each resume that they receive is uniquely constructed. While it may be true that common parts of a resume such as work experience, career highlights, and of course demographics exist, it is also true that there is no way that a recruiter can organize information on his own. During these times of massive information gathering, a CV parser can be of help. But what is a CV parser? And do recruitment programs really need one?

A CV parser is a component of a program’s software that receives input from an outside source, and creates an organized structure of data from the received input. The process of parsing can be a single step, or it can be a collection of multiple steps. Parsing has a simple goal: to collect important data, and then create a representation from the data given. This is crucial especially for recruitment programs since recruiting involves an intricate process of matching a candidate’s skills with the needed skills of the job opening.

Needless to say, a CV parser is very important in organizing huge bundles of information given by candidates. It gives recruiters a big helping hand in figuring out whether a candidate has what it takes to meet the demands of a certain position.

Of course, the human aspect of recruiting can never be replaced by a computer component. But, it does not say that the human and technological aspects can never work together. In fact, when used properly, computer software programs do the dirty work, and the humans who operate them finish the job. That’s how recruitment should be - effective, consistent, and fast.