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The Secret to Successful Hiring in an Enterprise

Artificial intelligence has been a part of the news for quite a long time. Automation and robotics are transforming various aspects of every industry, and everyone wants to know how it will affect their job.

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What is This Buzz About GDPR?


Come May 25, 2018; the European Union will launch the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law. It contains a set of new rules which applies to any business which deals with data of European citizens. Adhering to this law is mandatory......

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10 HR Events in 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss

Technology is bringing changes in the recruitment industry from time to time. But it hasn’t dominated all operations involved in making your business successful. Still, a lot depends upon making personal contacts. That’s’ right! Face-to-face.....

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Top 8 HRTech Products Presented at HRTechTank, San Francisco

HRTechTank is one of the most awaited event in HR industry. This time, it took place in San Francisco on March 15. The event was joined by HR tech startups, strategic investors, renowned thought leaders and other HR professionals. It was a.....

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All You Need to Know About RChilli’s Enrichment Marketplace



It’s time you realize the power of social enrichment for hiring the best fit. Quality candidates can be hired only if you have authentic and updated information about them. This will help you in making the right decision based on their.....

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