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HR Tech Conference 2018 Recap

Once again, the world witnessed the grand HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas. It is a fantastic platform which gives you a complete snapshot of the HR technology market.

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Top 3 Benefits of Data-Driven Recruiting

 What is your hiring process based upon?

Are you following some guidelines, technology or doing some guesswork? Of course, you cannot predict how the candidate will perform after becoming an employee. If you are sorting out resumes manually, it.....

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The Upcoming Trend in HRTech: Marketplace

Have you heard of HR Technology marketplace?

What’s your take on it?

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Why Filling Up Job Applications Sucks?

Candidates were not happy with Samantha’s recruitment process. Read to know why they were leaving job applications mid-way and how Samantha got answers to her problems.

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Top 7 Influential Women in HRTech Industry

 Are you attending the HRTech Conference in Las Vegas?

If yes, you must be knowing that it is featuring women in HR technology.

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