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Is Blind Hiring the New Recruitment Trend?

I must say that equality and diversity in the workforce have been the favorite topics of discussion among HR professionals and thought-leaders. There are numerous case studies which show that innovation and creativity is the result of a diverse.....

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What is Resume Parsing? How does CV/Resume Parser Work?

Resume parsing is a process which converts an unstructured form of resume data into the structured format. Resume parser, also termed as CV parser, is a program that analyses a resume/CV data and extracts into machine-readable output such as XML,.....

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What is a Resume Parser & How to Parse Resumes?

Résumé  Parsing or CV Parsing converts unstructured resume data into a structured form to speed up the recruitment process. It extracts candidate data from resume and saves it in data fields. The output is delivered in JSON format.  Apart from.....

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In house Parsing vs. Vendor

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