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10 Genius Things You Don’t Know About Rchilli Resume Parser.

- Resume parsing automatically makes CV information into a searchable record.

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Why Resume Parser is still your Recruitment Software’s Best Friend?

Recruitment and Onboarding are the areas where EMEA companies are spending the most amount of time, source Sierra-Cedar. Your investment today in Recruitment technology can change the way how you perform in business in long run. In the dearth of.....

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How can Recruitment Software Impact your Business?

Recruitment Software is not only come to human resources, but it's also rapidly making its way from the HR executive to the HR trenches.

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Recruiters, have you started enriching Resumes?

You have tons of resumes stacked in your old database and you’ve not accessed it for a really long time, what more alternatives do you have, to make any sense out of them again? This tough question, everyday companies has to go thorough and.....

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Semantic Search & Match to Simplify Recruitment

First, let’s know what is semantic- The meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text is semantic. Not many people in recruitment business today use this technology to find best hires, quick and fast. As a result, the best talent gets grabbed by.....

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